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SC 86B

Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components





Approval %
16 16 100 >=66.7% APPROVED


Number of


approving and

23 8 >=4 (if <=16)
>=5 (if >=17)

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Voting Result


Document 86B/4291/NP


Project : IEC TS 63334 ED1

PNW TS 86B-4291: Conditions for testing the protection against dust and water ingress of passive optical protective housings and hardened fibre optic connectors (IP5X, IPX4, IPX5, IPX6)


Reference Circulation date Closing date Downloads
86B/4291/NP 2020-05-01 2020-07-24
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Result of Voting

Australia O -
Austria P 2020-07-22 A N -
Belarus - 2020-07-20 Y Y N -
Belgium P 2020-07-24 Y Y Y -
Brazil O 2020-07-24 A N -
Bulgaria O -
Canada P 2020-07-23 Y Y N -
China P 2020-07-17 Y Y N Y
Czech Republic P 2020-07-16 Y Y N -
Denmark O 2020-06-30 A Y N -
Finland P 2020-06-02 Y Y N -
France P 2020-07-20 Y Y Y Y
Germany P 2020-05-12 Y Y Y -
Greece O 2020-07-24 Y Y N -
Hungary O -
India P 2020-07-23 A N -
Indonesia O -
Iran O 2020-07-22 A Y N -
Ireland O -
Israel P 2020-07-23 A N -
Italy P 2020-07-22 Y Y N -
Japan P 2020-06-16 A Y N Y
Korea, Republic of P 2020-07-24 Y Y N -
Malaysia O -
Mexico P 2020-07-20 Y Y Y -
Netherlands P 2020-05-12 Y Y Y -
New Zealand O -
Norway O 2020-07-07 A Y N -
Pakistan P 2020-07-16 A N -
Poland P 2020-07-21 Y Y N Y
Portugal P 2020-07-24 A Y N -
Qatar - 2020-07-22 Y Y N -
Romania O -
Russian Federation O 2020-07-23 Y Y N -
Saudi Arabia O -
Serbia O -
Slovakia P 2020-07-17 Y Y N -
South Africa O -
Spain O -
Sweden P 2020-06-29 Y Y Y -
Switzerland P 2020-07-17 Y Y Y -
Thailand O -
Turkey O -
Ukraine O -
United Kingdom P 2020-07-15 A Y N -
United States of America P 2020-07-22 Y Y Y -


The final result of voting will be indicated in the Report of Voting (RVN), as P-members have the possibility to nominate an expert within four weeks after the closing date.

  • 1. Vote: Does the National Committee approve the addition of the new proposal to the program of work of the committee?
    Y = In favour; N = Against; A = Abstention.

  • 2. Abstentions are not taken into account when totalizing the votes.

  • 3. Only votes received from P-members before the closing date are counted in determining the decision.

  • 4. If approved, should the next stage be a Committee Draft or a Committee Draft for Vote?

  • 5. Is the National Committee prepared to participate in the development of the project? [Y/N]
    Note: Only the participation of those voting in favour of the proposal are taken into account.

P-members not voting: (0)

*Comments not included in the compiled table, available as a separate file, because they were not submitted using the template Form-Comments.