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The MSB (Market Strategy Board), which reports to the CB (Council Board), identifies the principal technological trends and market needs in the IEC's fields of activity. It sets strategies to maximize input from primary markets and establishes priorities for the technical and conformity assessment work of the IEC, improving the Commission's response to the needs of innovative and fast-moving markets. It may establish SWGs (Special Working Groups) under the leadership of an MSB member to investigate certain subjects in depth or to develop a specialized document.

The MSB comprises a chairman, 15 top-level technology officers as members appointed from industry, and (ex officio) the IEC Officers. The MSB meets at least once a year.

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Mr Yinbiao SHU
IEC Président
Mr Kazuhiko Tsutsumi
IEC Vice-Président
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Mr Peter J. Lanctot
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Bureau Central de la CEI
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