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IEC Council delegates to the CAB (Conformity Assessment Board) the management and supervision of the IEC's conformity assessment activities, including oversight of the IEC conformity assessment systems. The CAB represents the IEC conformity assessment community. The CAB is a decision-making body which reports to the CB (Council Board).

The CAB delegates the management and overall operational responsibility related to the conformity assessment Systems to the management body of each System.

The CAB comprises:

  • The chair, who is an IEC Vice-President, elected by Council for a three year term and re-eligible for re-election for one additional term;

  • Fifteen individual members appointed or elected by the Council and their alternates appointed by the relevant National Committees in accordance with the provisions of Clause 12 of the Rules of Procedure. Individual members may serve up to two three-year terms but there are no limits on alternates;

  • The chair and secretary (without vote) of each conformity assessment system and stand-alone scheme of the Commission;
  • The IEC Treasurer as an ex officio member, without vote;

  • The IEC General Secretary as an ex officio member, without vote.

Authority and responsibility

The CAB is responsible for setting the IEC’s conformity assessment policy, promoting and maintaining relations with international organizations on conformity assessment matters, creating, modifying and disbanding conformity assessment systems, monitoring the operation of conformity assessment activities and examining the continued relevance of the IEC’s conformity assessment activities in general.

To achieve this, the CAB makes recommendations to Council for amending the Statutes and Rules of Procedure, approves and amends the Basic Rules of the Systems, ensures that the rules and procedures of the Systems are consistent with the IEC’s conformity assessment policy and Statutes and Rules of Procedure, appoints the officers of the Systems, approves the annual accounts and budgets of the Systems and deals with appeals not resolved by the Systems.

The CAB meets at least once a year. The authority and responsibilities of the CAB are set out in the IEC Statutes and Rules of Procedure.

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