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The CB (Council Board) is a decision-making body equivalent to the Board of Directors in a company. All of the CB's decisions and proceedings of interest are reported to Council, which has delegated responsibility for day-to-day management and operational functions to the CB. The CB is chaired by the IEC President and comprises:



  • Fifteen members elected by the Council (including one from each financial Group A country)

  • The IEC Officers as ex officio members, without vote


Elected members may serve for a maximum of two three-year terms. They are nominated by the Full member National Committees (NCs) but are elected as individuals so there are no alternates. CB members do not represent their NC as such or any particular industry or association when participating in the CB's work. They are expected to work for the good of the entire IEC community. The CB makes IEC policy recommendations to Council, takes operational decisions (except on financial issues, for which the IEC Treasurer is alone responsible to Council) and implements Council policy. It receives extensive reports from the SMB (Standardization Management Board), CAB (Conformity Assessment Board) and MSB (Market Strategy Board), to whom the Council has delegated the standardization, conformity assessment and market strategy work. As the need arises, it may also set up advisory bodies (e.g. the Sales Advisory Group) or ad hoc working groups for specific matters, and appoints their chairmen and members. The Board meets at least twice a year, once in Geneva and once during the General Meeting, but a considerable amount of CB business goes on between meetings, with members being able to comment and vote on all issues by correspondence.

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