Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency



ACEE deals with energy efficiency matters which are not specific to one single technical committee of the IEC. It coordinates activities related to energy efficiency. ACEE is responsible for the assignment of horizontal energy efficiency aspects and requirements. ACEE provides guidance for implementation in a general perspective and for specific sectors. It encourages a systems perspective for the development of standards for energy efficiency and provides support for system considerations.


ACEE is responsible for the following guides:

  • IEC Guide 118: Inclusion of energy efficiency aspects in electrotechnical publications.
    • This Guide is intended for technical committees and gives guidance on how to consider energy efficiency aspects when preparing IEC publications.

  • IEC Guide 119: Preparation of energy efficiency publications and the use of basic energy efficiency publications and group energy efficiency publications.
    • This Guide defines procedures for the preparation of energy efficiency (EE) publications and describes the relationship between technical committees (TCs) with group EE functions.

    • This Guide is relevant to every TC which needs to publish a document dealing with EE.

Introduction to the IEC Guides 118 and 119:
  • Energy efficiency is key to addressing the challenge to support energy policies while preserving the environment.

  • Many energy efficient technologies and solutions are already available and cost-effective; nevertheless, a variety of barriers inhibits the deployment of these technologies and impedes harvesting their energy efficiency potential.

  • Standardization can play an important role to help overcome these barriers and to disseminate and promote energy efficient technologies, solutions and services.

  • IEC technical committees are encouraged to:
    • consider energy efficiency in their standardization work;

    • identify which aspects of energy efficiency are relevant for their standardization;

    • use a structured approach when addressing energy efficiency;

  • IEC Guide 119 provides the structure of IEC EE publications and function assignment.
    • basic EE publication: publication covering energy efficiency aspects, applicable to products within the scope of two or more TCs
    • group EE publication: publication covering energy efficiency aspects, applicable to a specific boundary
  • Clauses 5 through 8 of IEC Guide 119 are mandatory, in accordance with SMB/5942/RM item 9.5.

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