International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


IEC Affiliate country

Total Committees
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Selected IEC Technical Committees and Subcommittees




TC 1 Terminology 194 9
TC 7 Overhead electrical conductors 21 5
TC 18/SC 18A Electric cables for ships and mobile and fixed offshore units 10 3
TC 20 Electric cables 243 9
TC 21 Secondary cells and batteries 37 17
TC 23/SC 23B Plugs, socket-outlets and switches 58 4
TC 61/SC 61C Safety of refrigeration appliances for household and commercial use 19 3
TC 64 Electrical installations and protection against electric shock 75 15
TC 82 Solar photovoltaic energy systems 119 75
SyC LVDC Low Voltage Direct Current and Low Voltage Direct Current for Electricity Access 0 2