SC 61B

Safety of microwave appliances for household and commercial use


SC 61B Plenary Meetings

Last meeting2018-10-20 to 2018-10-2082nd IEC GENERAL MEETING in
Korea, Republic of (Busan)

Agenda : 61B/624A/DA
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ZIP file 4003 kB
EXE file 4069 kB
Minutes: 61B/639/RM
PDF file 203 kB
Meeting documents: 61/5738A/MTG
ZIP file 53398 kB

Next meeting
2021-05-26 to 2021-06-09TC 61 in
Denmark (Copenhagen K)

Agenda : 61B/655/DA
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Announcement: 61/6182/AC
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Registration: 61/6231/AC
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