International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

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(2018-11-21 to 2019-05-20)

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TC 2 - Rotating machinery
PNW 2-1952

PNW 2-1952: Rotating electrical machines - Part 27-7: Insulation systems used in rotating electrical machines for sealed and moisture resistant winding type and quality control tests

PNW Germany Tyler Gaerke 2/1952/NP 2019-06-14
TC 9 - Electrical equipment and systems for railways
PNW 9-2499

PNW 9-2499: Railway applications - Rolling stock - Batteries for auxiliary power supply systems- Part 3: Lead acid batteries (proposed IEC 62973-3)

PNW China Ying YANG 9/2499/NP 2019-06-21
SC 17A - Switching devices
PNW TS 17A-1224

PNW TS 17A-1224: High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 312: Direct current circuit-breakers

PNW Secretariat 17A/1224/NP 2019-07-12
PNW TS 17A-1225

PNW TS 17A-1225: High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 314: Direct current (DC) transfer switches

PNW Secretariat 17A/1225/NP 2019-07-12
PNW TS 17A-1226

PNW TS 17A-1226: Direct current by-pass switches and paralleling switches

PNW Secretariat Anne Bosma 17A/1226/NP 2019-06-21
SC 17C - Assemblies
PNW TS 17C-711

PNW TS 17C-711: High-voltage switchgear and controlger - Part 316: Mobile substation using air and gas-Insulated switchgear assemblies

PNW Secretariat / / 17C/711/NP 2019-08-09
PNW TS 17C-712

PNW TS 17C-712: High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 317 DC gas-insulated switchgear assemblies

PNW Secretariat / / 17C/712/NP 2019-08-09
SC 22F - Power electronics for electrical transmission and distribution systems
PNW TS 22F-529 ED1

PNW TS 22F-529 ED1: Water cooling system for power electronics used in electrical transmission and distribution systems

PNW China Guangtai Zhang 22F/529/NP 2019-06-07
TC 34 - Lamps and related equipment
PNW 34-608

PNW 34-608: Digital addressable lighting interface – Part 305: Particular requirements – Input devices – Colour sensor

PNW Secretariat WG 11 Norbert Wittig 34/608/NP 2019-06-28
SC 37B - Components for low-voltage surge protection
PNW 37B-183 ED1

PNW 37B-183 ED1: Components for low-voltage surge protection – Part 332: Selection and application principles for metal oxide varistors (MOV)

PNW Japan WG 1 Michael J. Maytum 37B/183/NP 2019-06-07
TC 38 - Instrument transformers
PNW 38-603

PNW 38-603: Station Service Voltage Transformers (SSVT)

PNW Secretariat 38/603/NP 2019-05-24
TC 44 - Safety of machinery - Electrotechnical aspects
PNW TS 44-848

PNW TS 44-848: Safety of machinery – Electro-sensitive protective equipment - Part 5: Particular requirements for radar-based protective Devices

PNW Secretariat Paolo Viviani 44/848A/NP 2019-06-21
SC 47E - Discrete semiconductor devices
PNW TS 47E-647

PNW TS 47E-647: Future IEC 60747-19-2: Semiconductor devices - Part 19-2: Smart sensors - Indication of specifications of smart sensors and power supplies to drive smart sensors

PNW Japan WG 1 Kazuyoshi Furuta 47E/647/NP 2019-05-31
TC 47 - Semiconductor devices
PNW 47-2576

PNW 47-2576: Semiconductor devices - Reliability test method for silicon carbide descrete metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors - Part 1: Test method for bias temperature instability

PNW Japan WG 5 / / / / 47/2576/NP 2019-08-09
PNW 47-2577

PNW 47-2577: Semiconductor devices - Reliability test method for silicon carbide descrete metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors - Part 2: Test method for bipolar degradation by body diode operating

PNW Japan WG 5 / / / / 47/2577/NP 2019-08-09
PNW 47-2578

PNW 47-2578: Semiconductor devices - Reliability test method of on-stress reliability by inductive load switching for gallium nitride transistors

PNW Japan WG 5 / / 47/2578/NP 2019-08-09
TC 57 - Power systems management and associated information exchange
PNW 57-2094 ED1

PNW 57-2094 ED1: Energy Management System Application Program Interface (EMS-API) – Part 457: Dynamics profile

PNW Secretariat WG 13 Chuck Dubose 57/2094/NP 2019-07-19
SC 65E - Devices and integration in enterprise systems
PNW 65E-656

PNW 65E-656: Representation of electrical & instrument objects in digital 3D plant models during engineering

PNW Secretariat 65E/656/NP 2019-06-28
TC 72 - Automatic electrical controls
PNW 72-1179

PNW 72-1179: Automatic electrical controls-Part 2-xx: Particular requirements for displacement sensing controls

PNW China Wenxiu Huang 72/1179/NP 2019-06-28
TC 79 - Alarm and electronic security systems
PNW 79-619

PNW 79-619: Video surveillance systems for use in security applications – Part 2-33: Cloud uplink and remote management system access

PNW Secretariat WG 12 Per Björkdahl 79/619/NP 2019-06-07
TC 82 - Solar photovoltaic energy systems
PNW 82-1584

PNW 82-1584: Design qualification for horizontal one-axis solar tracking system

PNW Secretariat WG 7 Shitao Wang 82/1584/NP 2019-07-19
PNW 82-1585

PNW 82-1585: Power line communication for DC shutdown equipment

PNW Austria WG 6 Christian Fasthuber 82/1585/NP 2019-06-21
TC 85 - Measuring equipment for electrical and electromagnetic quantities
PNW TS 85-681

PNW TS 85-681: Technical specification for travelling wave fault locator of high voltage transmission line

PNW Secretariat 85/681/NP 2019-07-12
TC 99 - Insulation co-ordination and system engineering of high voltage electrical power installations above 1,0 kV AC and 1,5 kV DC
PNW TS 99-230

PNW TS 99-230: Power installations exceeding 1 kV a.c. and 1,5 kV d.c – Part 0: Principles to be observed in preparation of safety publications - high voltage installations

PNW Secretariat Espen Masvik 99/230/NP 2019-07-12
TC 101 - Electrostatics
PNW 101-580

PNW 101-580: Standard test methods for specific applications – Testing of electrostatic properties of composite IBC – Testing within the scope of quality assurance and safety

prePNW Secretariat 101/580/NP 2019-05-24
TC 105 - Fuel cell technologies
PNW 105-727

PNW 105-727: Fuel cell power systems for propulsion other than road vehicles and auxiliary power units (APU) - Fuel cell and battery hybrid power pack systems for performance test of Industrial truck

PNW Korea, Republic of WG 6 Hong Ki lee 105/727/NP 2019-06-14
TC 113 - Nanotechnology for electrotechnical products and systems
PNW TS 113-461

PNW TS 113-461: IEC TS 62607-6-16: NANOMANUFACTURING – KEY CONTROL CHARACTERISTICS – Part 6-16: Two-dimensional materials - Doping concentration: Field effect transistor method

PNW Korea, Republic of Won Jong Yoo 113/461/NP 2019-05-24
PNW TS 113-462

PNW TS 113-462: NANOMANUFACTURING – KEY CONTROL CHARACTERIASTICS – Part 6-25: Two-dimensional materials - Doping concentration: Kelvin Probe Force Microsopy

PNW Korea, Republic of Won Jong Yoo 113/462/NP 2019-05-24
TC 116 - Safety of motor-operated electric tools
PNW 116-408

PNW 116-408: Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery - Safety - Part 4-4: Particular requirements for lawn trimmers, lawn edge trimmers, grass trimmers, brush cutters and brush saws

PNW Secretariat WG 10 Jeremy Duszynski 116/408/NP 2019-07-05
TC 119 - Printed Electronics
PNW 119-265

PNW 119-265: Printed Electronics – Part 301-3: Equipment – Contact printing – Rigid master – Measurement method of roll master shape errors

PNW Secretariat WG 3 Dongwoo Kang 119/265/NP 2019-06-14
TC 120 - Electrical Energy Storage (EES) Systems
PNW TS 120-149

PNW TS 120-149: Electrical Energy Storage (EES) systems - Part 3-3: Planning and performance assessment of electrical energy storage systems - Additional requirements for energy intensive and backup power applications

PNW Korea, Republic of WG 3 120/149/NP 2019-05-31
PNW TS 120-150

PNW TS 120-150: Electric Energy Storage Systems; Part 3-2: Planning and performance assessment of electrical energy storage systems - Additional requirements for power intensive and for renewable energy sources integration related applications

PNW China WG 3 120/150/NP 2019-05-31
SyC LVDC - Low Voltage Direct Current and Low Voltage Direct Current for Electricity Access

PNW TS SYCLVDC-53: Systems Reference Document (SRD)- Predicting Electrical Compatibility - Part 2: Test Methods and Data Packet Coding

PNW United Kingdom Chris Moller SyCLVDC/53/NP 2019-05-24
SyC Smart Energy - Smart Energy

PNW TS SYCSMARTENERGY-107: SRD : Interfaces of smart grid users with other smart grid stakeholders - standardisation landscape

PNW Secretariat WG 3 / / SyCSmartEnergy/107/NP 2019-08-09
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25 - Interconnection of information technology equipment
PNW JTC1-SC25-2860


PNW Secretariat WG 4 David Peterson JTC1-SC25/2860/NP 2019-05-24