International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

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(2018-11-22 to 2019-05-21)

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TC 7 - Overhead electrical conductors
IEC 63248 ED1

PNW 7-682: Conductors for overhead lines - Coated or cladded metallic wire for concentric lay stranded conductors

ACD Belgium PT 63248 Johan Van de Velde 7/682/NP 2019-04-19
TC 8 - System aspects of electrical energy supply
IEC TS 62786-41 ED1

PNW TS 8-1508: IEC/TS 62786-41 – Distributed energy resources connection with the grid – Part 41 Requirements for frequency measurement used to control DER and loads

ACD Secretariat JWG 12 Philippe Alibert 8/1508/NP 2018-12-21
TC 9 - Electrical equipment and systems for railways
IEC 62590-3-1 ED1

PNW 9-2465: Railway applications – Fixed installations – Electronic power converters for substations – Part 3-1: AC traction applications – Electronic power compensators (proposed IEC 62590-3-1)

ACD Japan PT 62590-3-1 Ryo TAKAGI 9/2465/NP 2019-03-08
SC 23E - Circuit-breakers and similar equipment for household use
PNW 23E-1120

PNW 23E-1120: General safety requirements for residual current operated protective devices Part 2: Residual current operated protective devices for DC systems

PRVN Secretariat WG 2 Jean-François Rey 23E/1120/NP 2019-03-08
TC 23 - Electrical accessories
IEC TS 63236-2 ED1


ACD Japan WG 8 Wim De Kesel 23/835/NP 2019-03-08
IEC TS 63236-3 ED1


ACD Secretariat WG 8 Wim De Kesel 23/836/NP 2019-03-08
PNW 23-842

PNW 23-842: General requirements for Home and Building Electronic Systems (HBES) and Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) - Part 4: General functional safety requirements for products intended to be integrated in Building Electronic Systems (HBES) and Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS)

PRVN Secretariat WG 12 Beatriz Novel 23/842/NP 2019-04-12
SC 31G - Intrinsically-safe apparatus
IEC TS 60079-47 ED1

PNW TS 31G-290: Explosive atmospheres - Part XX: Equipment protection by 2-Wire Intrinsically Safe Ethernet concept (2-WISE)

ACD Germany PT 60079-47 Guenter Gabriel 31G/290/NP 2019-02-22
TC 38 - Instrument transformers
IEC 61869-202 ED1

PNW 38-598: INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMERS – Part 202: Additional requirements for Current Instrument Transformers for Low Voltage applications

ACD Secretariat WG 49 Benoît LEPRETTRE 38/598/NP 2019-02-22
SC 46F - RF and microwave passive components
IEC 63249-1 ED1

PNW 46F-439: WAVEGUIDE TO COAXIAL ADAPTERS –Part 1: Generic specification - General requirements and test methods

ACD Secretariat WG 2 Dezhu Song 46F/439/NP 2019-03-22
PNW 46F-447

PNW 46F-447: Radio frequency connectors – Part 1-X: Electrical test methods – Rise time degradation

PRVN Secretariat WG 1 Hongbing Gui 46F/447/NP 2019-04-19
TC 47 - Semiconductor devices
IEC 62830-8 ED1

PNW 47-2529: Semiconductor devices - Semiconductor devices for energy harvesting and generation - Part 8- Test and evaluation methods of flexible and stretchable supercapacitors for use in low power electronics

ACD Secretariat WG 7 Jae Yeong Park 47/2529/NP 2019-03-01
IEC 63244-1 ED1

PNW 47-2532: Semiconductor devices - Semiconductor devices for wireless power transfer and charging - Part 1 : General requirements and specifications

ACD Korea, Republic of WG 7 Cheolung Cha 47/2532/NP 2019-02-08
SC 48B - Electrical connectors
IEC 63171 ED1

PNW 48B-2700: Connectors for Electrical and Electronic Equipment – Shielded or unshielded free and fixed connectors for balanced single-pair data transmission with current carrying capacity; General requirements and tests

ACD Secretariat PT 63171 Allan Nielsen 48B/2700A/NP 2019-03-01
SC 48D - Mechanical structures for electrical and electronic equipment
IEC TS 62966-3 ED1

PNW TS 48D-694: Mechanical Structures for Electronic Equipment - Aisle Containment for IT Cabinets Part 3: Aspects of operational and personal safety

ACD Secretariat WG 5 Heiko Ebermann 48D/694/NP 2019-04-05
TC 56 - Dependability
IEC 60300-3-17 ED1

PNW 56-1835: Dependability management - Application guide - Availability

ACD Canada PT 3.27 Adrian Pierorazio 56/1835/NP 2019-05-10
TC 57 - Power systems management and associated information exchange
IEC 62325-451-7 ED1

PNW 57-2064: Framework for energy market communications - Part 451-7: Balancing processes, contextual and assembly models for European style market

ACD Secretariat WG 16 Greta BONNARY 57/2064/NP 2019-04-05
SC 59C - Electrical heating appliances for household and similar purposes
IEC 60704-2-18 ED1

PNW 59C-232: Household and similar electrical appliances – Test code for the determination of airborne acoustical noise – Part 2-18: Particular requirements for electric water heaters

ACD Secretariat WG 2 Michiel A.A. Schallig 59C/232/NP 2019-02-22
TC 61 - Safety of household and similar electrical appliances
IEC 60335-2-119 ED1

PNW 61-5754: Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part 2-119: Particular requirements for vacuum packaging machines

ACDV Italy PT 60335-2-119 Fabio Gargantini 61/5754/NP 2019-03-29
SC 62B - Diagnostic imaging equipment
PNW 62B-1123


PRVN Hungary WG 37 62B/1123/NP 2019-05-17
TC 65 - Industrial-process measurement, control and automation
IEC 61010-2-203 ED1

PNW 65-734: Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use – Part 2-203: Particular requirements for industrial communication equipment

ACD Secretariat JWG 13 Xiaojing Liu 65/734/NP 2019-03-08
TC 69 - Electric road vehicles and electric industrial trucks
IEC 63243 ED1

PNW 69-633: Interoperability and safety of dynamic wireless power transfer (WPT) for electric vehicles

ACD Korea, Republic of PT 63243 UooYeol Yoon 69/633/NP 2019-03-01
TC 72 - Automatic electrical controls
IEC 60730-2-23 ED1

PNW 72-1165: Automatic electrical controls - Part 2-xx: Particular requirements for electrical sensors and sensor elements

ACDV Secretariat WG 12 David Delaquila 72/1165/NP 2019-03-01
TC 76 - Optical radiation safety and laser equipment
IEC TS 60825-19 ED1

PNW TS 76-618: Safety of laser products – Part 19: Moving Platform Laser Products

ACD Secretariat WG 1 Annette Frederiksen 76/618/NP 2019-04-12
PNW 76-619

PNW 76-619: ISO 19818: Eye and face protection — Protection against laser radiation — Requirements and test methods

PRVN United Kingdom JWG 12 Eric Liggins 76/619/NP 2019-04-19
TC 80 - Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems
PNW 80-913

PNW 80-913: Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems - Data interface - Part 2: Secure online transfer of S-100 based products applied on S-421 Route Plan

PRVN Sweden WG 17 Björn Andreasson 80/913/NP 2019-04-26
TC 82 - Solar photovoltaic energy systems
IEC 62788-2-1 ED1

PNW 82-1532: Polymeric materials for photovoltaic (PV) modules – Part 2-1: Safety requirements for polymeric frontsheet and backsheet

ACD Secretariat WG 2 Jürgen Jung 82/1532/NP 2019-03-01
IEC TS 63109 ED1

PNW TS 82-1538: Measurement of Diode Ideality Factor by Quantitative Analysis of Electroluminescence Images

ACD Japan WG 2 Keizo ASAOKA 82/1538/NP 2019-03-08
TC 86 - Fibre optics
IEC 62496-4-214 ED1

PNW 86-548: Optical circuit boards - Part 4-xxx: Terminated waveguide OCB assembly using a single-row thirty-two-channel PMT connector

CD Secretariat JWG 9 Motohito Takezaki 86/553/CD 2019-04-05
TC 89 - Fire hazard testing
PNW TS 89-1464 ED1

PNW TS 89-1464 ED1: IEC TS 60695-2-21: Fire hazard testing - Part 2-21: Fire containment test on end products

PRVN Secretariat PT 60695-2-15 Mattia Ferraris 89/1464/NP 2019-04-19
TC 91 - Electronics assembly technology
IEC 62878-2-601 ED1

PNW 91-1551: Device Embedding assembly technology - Part 2-601: Guide line - Evaluation method of electrical connectivity

ACD Secretariat WG 6 Yoshihisa KATOH 91/1551/NP 2019-01-18
PNW 91-1558

PNW 91-1558: Test Method for Mechanical Property of Flexible Optic-Electric Circuit Boards under Thermal Stress

PRVN Korea, Republic of WG 10 Young-Min Im 91/1558/NP 2019-04-19
TC 100/TA 15 - Wireless Power Transfer
IEC 63245-1 ED1

PNW 100-3195 ED1: Spatial wireless power transfer based on multiple magnetic resonances (SWPT-MMR) - Part 1: Requirements

ACD Korea, Republic of PT 63245-1 Changkyu Lee 100/3195/NP 2019-03-01
PNW 100-3203

PNW 100-3203: Device to device wireless charging (D2DWC) for mobile devices with wireless power TX/RX module

PRVN Korea, Republic of Yongju Park 100/3203/NP 2019-04-12
TC 100/TA 17 - Multimedia systems and equipment for cars
IEC 63246-1 ED1

PNW 100-3188: Configurable Car Infotainment Service(CCIS) : Part 1 - General

ACD Korea, Republic of PT 63246-1 Juyoung Park 100/3188/NP 2019-02-22
TC 103 - Transmitting equipment for radiocommunication
PNW 103-180

PNW 103-180: TRANSMITTING EQUIPMENT FOR RADIOCOMMUNICATION – RADIO-OVER-FIBRE TECHNOLOGIES AND THEIR PERFORMANCE STANDARD - Part 2: Radio over fibre based fronthaul network for train communication network

PRVN Secretariat WG 6 Atsushi KANNO 103/180/NP 2019-05-03
TC 110 - Electronic displays
IEC 63211-3-5 ED1

PNW 110-1061: Future IEC 63211-3-5: Durability test methods for electronic displays - Part 3-5: Mechanical tests – Surface durability

ACD United States of America PT 63211 Erik Dunkerley 110/1061/NP 2019-01-18
IEC 62977-3-9 ED1

PNW 110-1090: Electronic displays - Part 3-9: Evaluation of optical performances – Measurements of display sparkle contrast

ACD Japan WG 13 Makio Kurashige 110/1090/NP 2019-05-03
TC 111 - Environmental standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems
IEC 62321-3-4 ED1

PNW 111-512: Determination of certain substances in electrotechnical products - Part 3-4: Screening of Phthalates in polymers of electrotechnical products by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), high performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detector (HPLC-UV) and thermal desorption mass spectrometry (TD-MS)

ACD Japan WG 3 CHunyang LU 111/512/NP 2019-03-15
IEC 62321-12 ED1

PNW 111-513: Determination of certain substances in electrotechnical products - Part 12: Simultaneous determination – Polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers and phthalates in polymers by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

ACD Secretariat WG 3 Qiuxin Huang 111/513/NP 2019-03-15
TC 113 - Nanotechnology for electrotechnical products and systems
IEC TS 62607-8-2 ED1

PNW 113-449: IEC TS 62607-8-2: Nanomanufacturing - Key control Characteristics - Part 8-2: Nano-enabled metal-oxide interfacial devices - Test method for the polarization properties by thermally stimulated depolarization current.

ACD Secretariat PT 62607-8-2 Hiroyuki Akinaga 113/449/NP 2019-03-08
IEC TS 62607-2-2 ED1

PNW TS 113-453 ED1: IEC TS 62607-2-2: Nanomanufacturing - Key control Characteristics - Part 2-2: Carbon Nanotube Materials - EM Shielding Effectiveness with Near Field Probe for CNTs

ACD Korea, Republic of WG 8 Soonil Yeo 113/453/NP 2019-04-19
IEC TS 62607-6-19 ED1

PNW TS 113-457: IEC TS 62607-6-19: Nanomanufacturing - Key control characteristics - Part 6-19: Graphene powder - Elemental composition: CS analyzer, ONH analyzer

ACD China WG 8 Xiang Wang 113/457A/NP 2019-05-10
IEC TS 62607-6-21 ED1

PNW TS 113-459: IEC TS 62607-6-21: Nanomanufacturing - Key control characteristics - Part 6-21: Graphene Powder – Elemental composition, C/O ratio: XPS

ACD China WG 8 renxiao liu 113/459A/NP 2019-05-10
TC 119 - Printed Electronics
IEC 62899-503-3 ED1

PNW 119-249: Printed electronics- Part 503-3 : Quality assessment- Measuring method of contact resistance for the printed thin film transistor by transfer length method

ACD Japan WG 5 Takehito Kozasa 119/249/NP 2019-02-08
IEC 62899-506-1 ED1

PNW 119-250: IEC 62899-50x-1 ED1: Quality assessment - Mechanical and thermal test of Printed film heater

ACD Secretariat WG 5 Chae Min Lim 119/250/NP 2019-03-01
PNW 119-251

PNW 119-251: IEC 62899-503-2 ED1: Quality assessment - Roll-to-roll printed TFT active matrix: Electrical characterization

PRVN Secretariat WG 5 Gyoujin Cho 119/251/NP 2019-04-05
TC 120 - Electrical Energy Storage (EES) Systems
IEC TS 62933-2-2 ED1

PNW TS 120-143: Electric Energy Storage Systems; Part 2-2: Unit parameters and testing methods – Applications and Performance testing

ACD Secretariat WG 2 Atsushi Honzawa 120/143/NP 2019-02-22
TC 122 - UHV AC transmission systems
IEC 63042-102 ED1

PNW 122-75: UHV AC transmission systems – General systems design

ACD Japan WG 1 Yoshimitsu Umahashi 122/75/NP 2019-02-01
PNW TS 122-78

PNW TS 122-78: UHV AC transmission systems - Transmission Line Design

PRVN China WG 2 122/78/NP 2019-04-26
PNW TS 122-79

PNW TS 122-79: UHV AC transmission systems:- System Commissioning

PRVN China WG 3 122/79/NP 2019-05-17
TC 124 - Wearable electronic devices and technologies
IEC 63203-201-3 ED1

PNW 124-49: Wearable electronic devices and technologies - Part 201-3: Electronic Textile - Determination of electrical resistance of conductive textiles under wearing environment

ACD Secretariat WG 2 Hyun-jin Koo 124/49/NP 2019-02-01
CIS/B - Interference relating to industrial, scientific and medical radio-frequency apparatus, to other (heavy) industrial equipment, to overhead power lines, to high voltage equipment and to electric traction

PNW CIS/B-720: Industrial, scientific and medical equipment - Limits and methods of in situ measurements and measurements of large size/high power equipment

ACD Secretariat WG 7 Bernd Jäkel CIS/B/720/NP 2019-04-19
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25 - Interconnection of information technology equipment
IEC 17760-103 ED1

PNW JTC1-SC25-2856: ISO/IEC 17760-103: Information technology – AT Attachment – Part 103: ATA/ATAPI Command Set – 3 (ACS-3)

PRVN United States of America Frederick Knight JTC1-SC25/2856/NP 2019-04-19
PNW JTC1-SC25-2859

PNW JTC1-SC25-2859: Information technology - Physical network security for the accommodation of customer premises cabling infrastructure and information technology equipment

PRVN United States of America WG 3 Mike Gilmore JTC1-SC25/2859/NP 2019-05-17