International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

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(2020-05-01 to 2020-10-28)

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SC 8B - Decentralized Electrical Energy Systems
PNW TS 8B-61

PNW TS 8B-61: Guideline for the planning and design of the decentralized direct current distribution systems

PRVN Secretariat 8B/61/NP 2020-10-16
TC 8 - System aspects of electrical energy supply
PNW TS 8-1546

PNW TS 8-1546: Guidelines for network management – Power Quality Monitoring System

PRVN China WG 11 ai Shuangyin 8/1546/NP 2020-08-28
IEC TS 63222-3 ED1

PNW TS 8-1547: Guidelines for Network Management – Power Quality Characteristics Modelling

ACD China WG 11 Tongxun Wang 8/1547/NP 2020-08-28
TC 9 - Electrical equipment and systems for railways
IEC 63341-1 ED1

Replaced by 9/2605A/NP

ACD France PT 63341 Julien D'ARBIGNY 9/2605A/NP 2020-09-25
IEC 63341-1 ED1

PNW 9-2605: Railway applications – Rolling stock – Fuel cell systems for propulsion - Part 1: Fuel Cell System

ACD France PT 63341 Julien D'ARBIGNY 9/2605A/NP 2020-09-25
TC 20 - Electric cables
IEC TS 62893-4-2 ED1

PNW TS 20-1917: Charging cables for electric vehicles of rated voltages up to and including 0,6/1 kV - Part 4-2: Cables for DC charging according to mode 4 of IEC 61851-1 intended to be used with a thermal management system

ADTS Secretariat WG 17 Günter König 20/1917/NP 2020-08-07
SC 23K - Electrical Energy Efficiency products
IEC 63345 ED1

PNW 23K-51: Energy Efficiency Systems - Simple External Consumer Display

ACD Secretariat WG 3 Jürgen Kuhnert 23K/51/NP 2020-09-11
SC 45A - Instrumentation, control and electrical power systems of nuclear facilities
IEC 63351 ED1

PNW 45A-1342: Human factors engineering in the design of nuclear facilities

ACD Germany WG 8 Anna Engelbrecht 45A/1342/NP 2020-09-11
SC 46A - Coaxial cables
IEC 61196-9-2 ED1

PNW 46A-1426: Coaxial communication cables - Part 9-2: Detail specification for 50-0,4 type RF flexible cables

ACD China WG 3 Hongbing Gui 46A/1426/NP 2020-10-09
SC 46C - Wires and symmetric cables
PNW 46C-1157

PNW 46C-1157: Multicore and symmetrical pair/quad cables for digital communications - Part 15: Symmetrical pair/quad cables for horizontal floor wiring with transmission characteristics up to 1 000 MHz and resistance to fire performance characteristics – Sectional specification

PRVN Secretariat WG 7 Eyal Stroumza 46C/1157/NP 2020-10-16
TC 47 - Semiconductor devices
IEC 63287-2 ED1

PNW 47-2635: Semiconductor devices – Guidelines for reliability qualification plans – Part 2: Concept of Mission profile

ACD Japan WG 2 Yoichi Iga 47/2635/NP 2020-08-21
TC 57 - Power systems management and associated information exchange
PNW TS 57-2235

PNW TS 57-2235: IIoT applications in power distribution systems management: Architecture and functional requirements

PRVN China Shen Guo 57/2235/NP 2020-09-04
SC 59K - Performance of household and similar electrical cooking appliances
IEC TS 63350 ED1

PNW TS 59K-317: Household electric appliances - Specification of the properties of a digital device for measuring the performance

ACD TC 59/SC 59K WG 4 Christoph Luckhardt 59K/317/NP 2020-10-09
TC 59 - Performance of household and similar electrical appliances
PNW 59-738

PNW 59-738: Household and similar electrical appliances – Test code for the determination of airborne acoustical noise – Part 2-19: Particular requirements for air cleaners

PRVN Secretariat WG 2 Michiel A.A. Schallig 59/738/NP 2020-09-25
SC 62D - Electromedical equipment
ISO 5363 ED1

PNW 62D-1768: Test methods for walking RACA Robot

PRVN Korea, Republic of JWG 36 Inhyuk Moon 62D/1768/NP 2020-08-21
SC 65C - Industrial networks
PNW 65C-1047

PNW 65C-1047: Test specification for IEC/IEEE 60802

PRVN Germany WG 18 Ludwig Winkel 65C/1047/NP 2020-10-23
TC 65 - Industrial-process measurement, control and automation
IEC 63339 ED1

PNW 65-815: Unified reference model for smart manufacturing

ACD Secretariat JWG 21 Richard Martin 65/815/NP 2020-08-14
TC 69 - Electrical power/energy transfer systems for electrically propelled road vehicles and industrial trucks
PNW 69-724

PNW 69-724: Interoperability and safety of high power wireless power transfer (H-WPT) for electric vehicles

PRVN Korea, Republic of Uoo Yeol Yoon 69/724/NP 2020-10-09
PNW TS 69-725

PNW TS 69-725:

EV supply equipment with automated connection of a vehicle coupler according to IEC 62196-2 or IEC 62196-3

PRVN Germany 69/725/NP 2020-10-09
PNW TS 69-726

PNW TS 69-726:

EV supply equipment with automated connection of a vehicle coupler located at the underbody of an electric vehicle

PRVN Germany 69/726/NP 2020-10-09
TC 72 - Automatic electrical controls
PNW 72-1245

PNW 72-1245: Automatic electrical controls -Part 2-XX: Particular requirements for current sensing controls

PRVN China WG 3 weiwei Zhuang 72/1245/NP 2020-09-04
TC 76 - Optical radiation safety and laser equipment
PNW TS 76-660

PNW TS 76-660: Safety of Laser Products. Safety requirements for products intentionally exposing face or eyes to laser radiation.

PRVN TC 76 WG 1 76/660/NP 2020-10-23
TC 82 - Solar photovoltaic energy systems
IEC TS 63348 ED1

PNW TS 82-1740: Evaluation of Photovoltaic (PV) Module to Mounting Structure Interface

ACD Secretariat WG 9 Sumanth Lokanath 82/1740/NP 2020-08-14
IEC TS 63217 ED1

PNW TS 82-1770: Utility-interconnected photovoltaic (PV) inverters – Test procedure of high-voltage ride-through measurements

ACD China WG 6 Chenhui Niu 82/1770/NP 2020-09-11
IEC 63342 ED1

PNW 82-1771: Light and elevated temperature induced degradation (LeTID) test for c-Si Photovoltaic (PV) modules: Detection

ACD Germany WG 2 Max Köntopp 82/1771/NP 2020-09-11
IEC 63349-1 ED1

PNW 82-1779: Photovoltaic direct-driven appliance controllers –Part 1: General Requirement

ACD China WG 6 lingyun fan 82/1779/NP 2020-10-02
IEC TS 63349-2 ED1

PNW TS 82-1780: Photovoltaic direct-driven appliance controllers – Part 2: Operation Modes and an Example of Display

ACD China WG 6 lingyun fan 82/1780/NP 2020-10-02
SC 86B - Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components
IEC 61753-081-03 ED1

PNW 86B-4313:

Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components – Performance standard - Part 081-03: Non-connectorized single-mode fibre optic middle-scale 1 x N DWDM devices for category OP – Outdoor protected environment

ACD Secretariat WG 7 Tai liu 86B/4313/NP 2020-09-04
IEC 61753-081-06 ED1

PNW 86B-4314:

Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components – Performance standard – Part 081-06: Non-connectorized single-mode fibre optic middle-scale 1 x N DWDM devices for category OP+ – Extended outdoor protected environment

ACD Secretariat WG 7 Tai liu 86B/4314/NP 2020-09-04
TC 100/TA 5 - Cable networks for television signals, sound signals and interactive services
IEC 60728-106 ED1

PNW 100-3446: Optical equipment for systems loaded with digital channels only

ACD Japan WG 5 Friedemann Weiss 100/3446/NP 2020-08-28
TC 110 - Electronic displays
IEC 62715-2 ED1

PNW 110-1207 ED1: Flexible display devices – Part 2: Essential ratings and characteristics

ACD China WG 8 Yingyi Li 110/1207/NP 2020-07-17
IEC 62908-22-10 ED1

PNW 110-1228 ED1: Touch and interactive displays – Part 22-10: Measuring methods of fingerprint recognition performance – Under-display optical imaging fingerprint sensing

ACD China WG 9 Yu Wang 110/1228/NP 2020-09-25
TC 113 - Nanotechnology for electrotechnical products and systems
IEC TS 62607-6-7 ED1

PNW TS 113-545: Nanomanufacturing – key control characteristics – Part 6-7: Graphene material – Sheet resistance: van der Pauw method

ACD Secretariat WG 8 Alessandro Cultrera 113/545/NP 2020-08-07
IEC TS 62607-6-8 ED1

PNW TS 113-546 ED1: Nanomanufacturing – key control characteriastics – Part 6-8: Graphene material – Sheet resistance: In-line four-point probe

ACD Secretariat WG 8 Alessandro Cultrera 113/546/NP 2020-08-07
TC 115 - High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission for DC voltages above 100 kV
IEC TS 63014-2 ED1

PNW TS 115-243: High voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission – System requirements for DC-side equipment - Part2: Using voltage sourced converters

ACD Secretariat WG 9 Takehisa SAKAI 115/243/NP 2020-09-04
TC 117 - Solar thermal electric plants
IEC 62862-3-4 ED1

PNW 117-120: Code of solar field performance test for parabolic trough solar thermal power plant

ACD China PT 62862-3-4 Luping Liu 117/120/NP 2020-08-14
IEC 62862-1-4 ED1

PNW 117-121: Thermal insulation for solar thermal electric plants

ACD Secretariat PT 62862-1-4 Jesus Reyes 117/121/NP 2020-08-21
TC 120 - Electrical Energy Storage (EES) Systems
IEC 62933-5-4 ED1

PNW 120-193:

Electrical energy storage(ESS) systems Part 5-4 – Safety test methods and procedures for grid integrated

EES systems – Lithium ion battery-based systems

ACD Korea, Republic of WG 5 Jinyong Kim 120/193/NP 2020-09-11
TC 125 - Personal e-Transporters (PeTs)
PNW 125-29

PNW 125-29: Personal e-Transporters - Terminology and classification

PRVN China WG 1 du chao 125/29/NP 2020-10-09
PC 127 - Low-voltage auxiliary power systems for electric power plants and substations
IEC TS 63346-1-1 ED1

PNW TS 127-20: Low-voltage auxiliary power systems ‒ Part 1-1: Terminology

ACD Secretariat WG 2 Jianbin Fan 127/20/NP 2020-09-04
IEC TS 63346-2-1 ED1

PNW TS 127-21: Low-voltage auxiliary power systems – Part 2-1: Design criteria – General requirements

ACD Secretariat WG 3 Ying Chen 127/21/NP 2020-09-04
IEC TS 63346-2-2 ED1

PNW TS 127-22: Low-voltage auxiliary power systems – Part 2-2: Design criteria – Low-voltage d.c. auxiliary power systems for substations

ACD Secretariat WG 3 CJ Roy 127/22/NP 2020-09-04
IEC TS 63346-2-3 ED1

PNW TS 127-23: Low-voltage auxiliary power systems – Part 2-3: Design criteria – Low-voltage a.c. auxiliary power systems for substations

ACD Secretariat WG 3 Mark Waldron 127/23/NP 2020-09-04
SyC Smart Cities - Electrotechnical aspects of Smart Cities
IEC SRD 63347 ED1

PNW TS SYCSMARTCITIES-149: Systems Reference Deliverable (SRD) - Use Case Collection and Analysis - Management of Public Health Emergencies in Smart Cities

ACD China WG 2 Biyu Wan SyCSmartCities/149/NP 2020-10-09
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 41 - Internet of things and related technologies
ISO/IEC 30149 ED1

PNW JTC1-SC41-172: Internet of Things (IoT) - Trustworthiness Principles

ACD Canada WG 3 Faud Khan JTC1-SC41/172/NP 2020-09-04