International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

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(2020-01-04 to 2020-07-02)

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TC 2 - Rotating machinery
IEC 60034-30-3 ED1

PNW 2-1989: Rotating electrical machines – Part 30-3 Efficiency classes of high voltage AC motors (IE code)

ACD Secretariat WG 31 Bernd Ponick 2/1989/NP 2020-04-24
TC 4 - Hydraulic turbines
PNW 4-387

PNW 4-387: IEC 63132 - Guide for installation procedures and tolerances of hydroelectric machines - Part 5: Bulb turbines and generators Part 6:Vertical Pelton turbines

PRVN Secretariat WG 30 4/387/NP 2020-05-29
SC 17A - Switching devices
PNW TS 17A-1267

PNW TS 17A-1267: Alternating current circuit-breakers intended for controlled switching

PRVN Secretariat Rene Doche 17A/1267A/NP 2020-06-26
TC 21 - Secondary cells and batteries
IEC 63330 ED1

PNW 21-1045: Requirements for reuse of secondary batteries

ACD Secretariat PT 63330 Naoki Maruno 21/1045/NP 2020-05-15
SC 22E - Stabilized power supplies
IEC 62909-3 ED1

PNW 22E-209: Future IEC 62909-3: Bi-directional grid connected power converters - Part 3: EMC requirements and test methods

ACD Japan WG 8 So Yamada 22E/209/NP 2020-03-20
SC 32C - Miniature fuses
PNW 32C-584

PNW 32C-584: Future IEC 60127-9/Ed.1: Miniature fuses – Part 9: Miniature fuse-links for special applications with partial-range breaking capacity

PRVN Germany Dieter Seidl 32C/584/NP 2020-06-05
TC 38 - Instrument transformers
IEC 61869-7 ED1

PNW 38-615 ED1: Instrument transformers - Part 7: Specific requirements for electronic Voltage Transformers

ACD Secretariat WG 37 Lorenzo Peretto 38/615/NP 2020-05-01
IEC 61869-8 ED1

PNW 38-616 ED1: Instrument transformers - Part 8: Specific requirements for electronic Current Transformers

ACD Secretariat WG 37 Lorenzo Peretto 38/616/NP 2020-05-01
SC 46A - Coaxial cables
IEC 61196-1-212 ED1

PNW 46A-1405: Coaxial communication cables - Part 1-212: Environmental test methods – UV stability

CD Secretariat WG 3 Bernhard Mund 46A/1420/CD 2020-05-22
IEC 61196-1-326 ED1

PNW 46A-1406: Coaxial communication cables - Part 1-326: Mechanical test methods – Hanger test

CD Secretariat WG 3 David Wilson 46A/1421/CD 2020-05-22
SC 47A - Integrated circuits
IEC 62228-6 ED1

PNW 47A-1092: Future IEC 62228-6: Integrated circuit – EMC Evaluation of transceivers – Part 6: PSI5 transceivers

ACD Ireland WG 9 Abhishek Ramanujan 47A/1092/NP 2020-05-01
SC 47E - Discrete semiconductor devices
IEC 60747-5-14 ED1

PNW 47E-703: Future IEC 60747-5-14: Semiconductor devices – Part 5-14: Optoelectronic devices – Light emitting diodes – Test method of the junction temperature based on the thermoreflectance method

ACD Korea, Republic of WG 9 Jong-In Shim 47E/703/NP 2020-05-22
IEC 60747-5-15 ED1

PNW 47E-704: Future IEC 60747-5-15: Semiconductor devices – Part 5-15: Optoelectronic devices – Light emitting diodes – Test method of the internal electric field based on the electroreflectance spectroscopy

ACD Korea, Republic of WG 9 Dong-Soo Shin 47E/704/NP 2020-05-22
TC 47 - Semiconductor devices
PNW 47-2617

PNW 47-2617: Future IEC 62435-9: Electronic components – Long-term storage of electronic semiconductor devices - Part 9: Special Cases

PRVN Secretariat WG 3 47/2617/NP 2020-04-17
TC 55 - Winding wires
IEC 60317-84 ED1

PNW 55-1836: Specifications for particular types of winding wires – Part 84: Polyesterimide enamelled round copper wire, class 200

ACD Iran WG 1 TOURAJ SALMASI 55/1836/NP 2020-06-05
SC 59A - Electric dishwashers
PNW TS 59A-228

PNW TS 59A-228: Electric dishwashers for household use - Methods for assessing the microbiological properties

PRVN Secretariat WG 3 Mirko Weide 59A/228/NP 2020-05-29
SC 62C - Equipment for radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and radiation dosimetry
IEC 63321 ED1

PNW 62C-756: Medical Electrical Equipment - Functional Performance Characteristics for X-ray-based image-guided radiotherapy equipment

ACD Secretariat WG 1 Dominik Kowalski 62C/756/NP 2020-04-17
IEC 63322 ED1

PNW 62C-757: Security of Medical Electrical Equipment Containing High-Activity Sealed Radioactive Sources

ACD Sweden WG 1 Per Kjäll 62C/757/NP 2020-05-08
SC 62D - Electromedical equipment
ISO 80601-2-90 ED1

PNW 62D-1756: Medical electrical equipment —Part 2-90: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of respiratory high-flow therapy equipment

ACD ISO JWG 12 Xingwen Chen 62D/1756/NP 2020-06-05
SC 65C - Industrial networks
IEC 61784-5-22 ED1

PNW 65C-999: Industrial communication networks – Profiles – Part 5-22: Installation of fieldbuses – Installation profiles for CPF 22

ACD China JWG 10 Fanmin Chen 65C/999/NP 2020-04-10
SC 65E - Devices and integration in enterprise systems
IEC 62453-71 ED1

PNW 65E-714: Field device tool (FDT) interface specification – Part 71: OPC UA Information Model for FDT

ACD France WG 4 Christian Diedrich 65E/714/NP 2020-05-22
TC 68 - Magnetic alloys and steels
IEC 63311 ED1

PNW 68-651: Permanent magnet (magnetically hard) materials – Method of measurement based upon the pulsed field magnetometry (PFM) technique

ACD United Kingdom PT 63311 John Dudding 68/651/NP 2020-04-24
TC 82 - Solar photovoltaic energy systems
IEC 62817-1 ED1

PNW 82-1722: Solar photovoltaic tracking systems - Part 1: Design qualification for horizontal one-axis solar tracking system

PRVN China WG 9 Shitao Wang 82/1722/NP 2020-06-26
SC 86B - Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components
IEC 61753-051-02 ED1

PNW 86B-4265: Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components - Performance standard - Part 051-02: Plug-receptacle style single-mode fibre fixed optical attenuators for category C - Controlled environments

CD Secretariat WG 7 Takashi Shibuya 86B/4309/CD 2020-04-03
IEC 61753-022-07 ED1

PNW 86B-4277: Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components – Performance standard – Part 022-07: Hardened fibre optic connectors terminated on multimode fibre for category A – Outdoor aerial environment

ACD Secretariat WG 6 Qi Yao 86B/4277/NP 2020-05-22
IEC 61753-022-13 ED1

PNW 86B-4278: ibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components – Performance standard – Part 022-XX: Fibre optic connectors terminated on multimode fibre for category OP+ HD – Extended outdoor protected environment with additional heat 

ACD Secretariat WG 6 Qi Yao 86B/4278/NP 2020-05-22
TC 91 - Electronics assembly technology
PNW 91-1638

PNW 91-1638: Thermal resistance test of lamination layer

PRVN Korea, Republic of WG 10 Hyun Ho Kim 91/1638/NP 2020-04-17
TC 94 - All-or-nothing electrical relays
IEC 62246-4 ED1

PNW 94-469: Reed switches – Part 4: Application in conjunction with magnetic-actuator used for Magnetic Sensing Protective Equipment (MSPE

CD Secretariat WG 6 Kenjiro Hamada 94/477/CD 2020-04-17
TC 99 - Insulation co-ordination and system engineering of high voltage electrical power installations above 1,0 kV AC and 1,5 kV DC
IEC 63313-1 ED1

PNW 99-265: Insulation co-ordination for HVDC systems — Part 1:Definitions, principles and rules

ACD China JWG 13 Dong Cui 99/265/NP 2020-04-03
IEC 63313-2 ED1

PNW 99-266: Insulation co-ordination for HVDC systems — Part 2: Application guidelines for line-commutated converter (LCC) stations

ACD China JWG 13 Xiaoxuan Cheng 99/266/NP 2020-04-03
TC 100/TA 2 - Colour measurement and management
PNW 100-3395

PNW 100-3395: IEC 61966-13 : Multimedia systems and Equipment – Part 13: Colour management - Measurement and evaluation of tone and colour reproduction under viewing environment

PRVN Korea, Republic of Kyung Jin Kang 100/3395/NP 2020-05-08
TC 100/TA 15 - Wireless Power Transfer
IEC 63245-2 ED1

PNW 100-3382: Spatial wireless power transfer based on multiple magnetic resonances (SWPT-MMR) - Part 2: Reference model

ACD Korea, Republic of WG 1 Changkyu Lee 100/3382/NP 2020-03-13
TC 100/TA 17 - Multimedia systems and equipment for vehicles
IEC 63033-4 ED1

PNW 100-3389: Multimedia Systems and equipment for vehicle - Surround View System Part 4: Application for Camera Monitor Systems

ACD Secretariat PT 63033 Suehiro Kawanishi 100/3389/NP 2020-03-27
TC 104 - Environmental conditions, classification and methods of test
PNW 104-863

PNW 104-863: ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING Part 2: Tests-Test Fx: Multi-Exciter and Multi-Axis Shock and Vibration Testing and Guidance

PRVN United Kingdom Brian E. Tyler 104/863/NP 2020-05-01
TC 105 - Fuel cell technologies
IEC 62282-4-202 ED1

PNW 105-784: Fuel Cell Technologies - Part 4-600: Fuel Cell Power Systems for unmanned aircraft systems - Performance test methods

ACD China Zhigang QI 105/784/NP 2020-03-27
TC 112 - Evaluation and qualification of electrical insulating materials and systems
PNW 112-478

PNW 112-478: Test method for compatibility of construction materials with electrical insulating liquids

PRVN China WG 6 qingdan Huang 112/478/NP 2020-05-22
TC 120 - Electrical Energy Storage (EES) Systems
IEC 62933-4-4 ED1


ACD Secretariat WG 4 Shuichi UCHIKOGA 120/170/NP 2020-02-07
IEC 62933-4-3 ED1

PNW 120-171: Electrical energy storage systems; part4-3: – Guidance On Environmental Issues – The protection requirements of BESS according to the environmental conditions and location types

ACD Korea, Republic of WG 4 Mi Sung Kim 120/171/NP 2020-02-14
IEC 62933-4-2 ED1

PNW 120-177: Electric Energy Storage System part4-2- environment impact assessment requirement for electrochemical based systems failure

ACD China WG 4 Xiangjun LI 120/177/NP 2020-03-27
IEC 62933-5-3 ED1

PNW 120-181: Electrical energy storage (EES) systems Part 5-3: Safety requirements for electrochemical based EES systems considering initially non-anticipated modifications - partial replacement, changing application, relocation and loading reused battery -

ACD Secretariat WG 5 Yoichiro TASHIRO 120/181/NP 2020-04-17
SyC AAL - Active Assisted Living
IEC 63310 ED1

PNW SYCAAL-178: Functional performance criteria for robots used in AAL connected home environment

ACD China WG 5 Dejun Ma SyCAAL/178/NP 2020-04-03
IEC SRD 63219 ED1

PNW TS SYCAAL-179: (SRD) Active Assisted Living (AAL) Management System Requirements for AAL Service Provider

ACD United States of America WG 3 Anthony Ciccarello SyCAAL/179/NP 2020-05-01
SyC LVDC - Low Voltage Direct Current and Low Voltage Direct Current for Electricity Access
IEC 63318 ED1


ACD India WG 1 Rajeev Sharma SyCLVDC/77/NP 2020-04-10
IEC SRD 63317 ED1

PNW TS SYCLVDC-78: Systems Reference Deliverable (SRD) - LVDC industry applications

ACD Germany PT 63317 Bernd Wunder SyCLVDC/78/NP 2020-04-10
SyC Smart Cities - Electrotechnical aspects of Smart Cities
IEC SRD 63320 ED1

PNW TS SYCSMARTCITIES-127: Systems Reference Deliverable (SRD) - Use Case Collection and Analysis: Smart Urban Planning for Smart Cities

ACD China WG 2 Gongli Li SyCSmartCities/127/NP 2020-05-01
IEC SRD 63326 ED1

PNW SYCSMARTCITIES-128 ED1: Systems Reference Deliverable (SRD) - Use Case Collection and Analysis: City Needs Analysis Framework

ACD China WG 2 Biyu Wan SyCSmartCities/128/NP 2020-05-01
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25 - Interconnection of information technology equipment
ISO/IEC 15067-3-51 ED1

PNW JTC1-SC25-2937: Information technology - Home Electronic System (HES) application model - Part 51: Framework of a Protected On-Premises AI Engine for an Energy Management System using Energy Management Agents (EMAs)

ACD Secretariat WG 1 Sun Moo Kang JTC1-SC25/2937/NP 2020-04-17
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 41 - Internet of things and related technologies
ISO/IEC TS 30168 ED1

PNW TS JTC1-SC41-142: Internet of Things (IoT) - Generic Trust Anchor Application Programming Interface for Industrial IoT Devices

ACD Germany WG 3 Markus Heintel JTC1-SC41/142/NP 2020-05-08
PNW JTC1-SC41-148 ED1

PNW JTC1-SC41-148: Internet of things (IoT) - IoT applications for electronic label system (ELS)

PRVN China WG 5 Lingfeng PU JTC1-SC41/148/NP 2020-06-05