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Industrial-process measurement, control and automation


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The Digital Factory Framework

This document describes the Digital Factory Framework, its history, and its relations with other standardization work: 1 Introduction 2 Development history and latest trends 3 Technology overview 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Part 1: IEC 62832-1 General principles 3.3 Part 2: IEC 62832-2 Model elements 3.3.1 Overview 3.3.2 Model elements related to Digital Factory 3.3.3 Model elements related to Library 3.3.4 Model elements related to Data Dictionary 3.3.5 Definition of individual, specific (...)

2020-09-21IEC 62832-1:2020 PRV, IEC 62832-2:2020 PRV, IEC 62832-3:2020 PRV, IEC 61360, IEC 61987, IEC 62714, IEC 62541-100