ISO/IEC Joint Technical Advisory Board



The JTAB (ISO/IEC Joint Technical Advisory Board) was set up to examine problems and make recommendations to the TMBs (Technical Management Boards) of the two organizations.

At the request of one of TMBs and with concurrence of the other, JTAB:

  • makes recommendations on specific issues concerning technical cooperation between ISO and IEC;

  • reviews new fields of activity in order to recommend the allocation to one or the other organization or as a last resort, on a joint mechanism, to ensure efficient technical cooperation, and to make recommendations to the appropriate TMB concerning the titles, scopes and programmes of work of specific TCs. It is recognized that other bodies, notable ITU, might need to be involved in these decisions;

  • advises on the function of existing joint advisory bodies;

  • makes recommendations concerning the maintenance of the common ISO/IEC Directives for the technical work


  • Chairmen and Secretaries of the two TMBs,

  • Members of the two TMBs to be appointed by the Chairmen depending on subjects to be dealt with.