SyC Smart Cities

Electrotechnical aspects of Smart Cities



To foster the development of standards in the field of electrotechnology to help with the integration, interoperability and effectiveness of city systems.

Note 1: This will be done:

  • by promoting the collaboration and systems thinking between IEC/TCs, the SyC and other SDOs in relation to City systems standards,

  • by undertaking systems analysis to understand the needs for standards and assess new work item proposals (NWIPs) related to city systems,

  • by developing systems standards where needed and by providing recommendations to existing SyCs, TCs/SCs and other SDOs.

Note 2: Overall common city goals include, for example, sustainable development, efficiency, resilience, safety and support for citizens' engagement and participation. However, an individual city will follow its own approach.

Note 3: “Cities” refers to any geographically located population.

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