International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


Smart Manufacturing



• Expand on the market relevance and business drivers, identified in the SG 8 report, taking into account other SDO initiatives and national programs;

• Provide an inventory of existing standards and current standardization projects under the management of IEC, ISO and other SDO;

• Invite the cooperation of ISO, JTC1/WG10, IEEE, consortia, and other organizations to assist in mapping smart manufacturing activities that are closely related, and to participate in the activities of the proposed SyC;

• Expand on the definition of common value chains within a smart manufacturing enterprise, as identified in SG 8, and identify associated use cases which will assist in determining the state of the art in the industry, and the identification of potential gaps where IEC standardization is needed with respect to smart manufacturing;

• Establish an initial roadmap of smart manufacturing standardization, architecture and prospective standardization and conformity assessment projects to be conducted by the SyC member TCs and partners;

• Deliver a dashboard to cross reference the project work items to documented use cases within particular value chains to assist standards developers, and industry stakeholders to navigate the domain;

Make a recommendation to the SMB on the proposed SEG’s transition into a Systems Committee (SyC) outlining the proposed SyC structure, membership, principles of operation and deliverables of the SyC which are supportive of the individual goals and deliverables of the participating stakeholder Technical Committees.

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