Smart Home/Office Building Systems



Evaluate technology trends and market evolution trends.

Review the inventory of existing standards and standardization projects within the IEC and external to the IEC, and advise the SMB where duplication of activity and potential dilution of technical resources is occurring. 

Evaluate and prioritize gaps in standardization.

Recommend to the SMB the structure most appropriate for standardization of Smart Home/Office Building Systems.

SEG 9 will review existing standardization activities and gaps related to electrical installations and communication technologies for smart building premises systems in order to build up a high level landscape.

The perimeter of work will consist of systems, devices, components and protocols that are deployed on the consumer or user side of the electric meter (including the meter) and the communication network interface.

These allow homeowners and building users to increase comfort, security, safety, and productivity while reducing maintenance costs and impacts on the environment.

Application areas will include (but will not be limited to) lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), energy efficiency, security, safety and technical alarms, household appliances, multimedia equipment, accessibility, personal health and wellness, in-building mobility, on-site power generation and storage, DER (distributed energy resources), and electric vehicle charging. SEG 9 will also focus on interfaces between the smart building and its external environment (e.g. smart city, automotive).

Smart Homes including residential premises; multi-tenant dwellings; security, healthcare and energy focused communities/campuses • Smart Buildings including all building types (e.g. office, commercial, public, retail, hospitality, academic) but excluding specialized portions of operational functions for instance within industrial premises. manufacturing facilities, or hospitals.

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