Active Assisted Living

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AG 1 Convenor & Members


Mrs Ulrike Haltrich
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Mr Paul BoissonneaultCA
Mr Lou ChavezUS
Mr Anthony CiccarelloUS
Ms Tania Lazarova DonovskaCA
Mr Leonard EisnerUS
Mrs Catherine Rosemary GrantGB
Ms Pamela D GwynnUS
Ms Taehwa HANKR
Mr Dae-Seong KimKR
Mr Michael KirwanXP
Mrs Janina Laurila-DürschDE
Mr Dejun MaCN
Mr Koichi MatsuokaJP
Ms Yukiko MizunoJP
Mr Plinio MoritaCA
Mr Klaus NeuderDE
Mr Ken SagawaXP
Ms Andrea J. SaksXP
Mr Alexander SamarinCH
Mr Mamoru SekiyamaJP
Mr Hirokazu TANAKAJP
Mr Hajime YamadaJP

Title & Task

AG 1

Chair's Advisory Group - Strategy and Coordination


The Chair's Advisory Group (CAG) is responsible for Coordination and Strategy of the SyC AAL work. The group has an advisory function and can submit recommendations to the Chair, (Co-)Convenors of the working groups and their experts on short-term, implementation and tactical management issues, as well as actions on long-term strategic plans. It is an incubator for new projects.

Under the heading “Coordination” the CAG is responsible in particular for organizing and coordinating the work of the SyC AAL, and focuses on the following topics:

• Structure of the SyC AAL and the establishment of new WGs and new projects

• Development of the work programme

• Coordination, monitoring and reporting of projects of the SyC AAL

• Allocation of all new work items of the SyC AAL

• Coordination of the AAL terminology

• Maintain the inventory of existing standards and standardization projects in progress

• Maintain membership participation

• Coordination with IEC TCs, external SDOs and stakeholders

• Liaise with the following relevant organisations: 

  • Fora and consortia and SDOs such as the Continua Health Alliance and Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA)

  • Relevant ISO, IEC and ITU technical bodies o Key regional and national research initiatives in AAL

  • Key regional and national regulators

  • Relevant end user associations

Under the heading “Strategy” the CAG develops the vision and long-term strategy of the SyC AAL by taking into account the evolution of technology and the market, and user needs, and ensures a close connection of industry and the SyC AAL to strengthen the market relevance of AAL standardization. Under this heading it focuses on the following topics:

• Create a vision of AAL that takes account of the evolution of technology and the market

• Develop and maintain the SBP

• Develop and maintain a long-term SyC AAL roadmap

• Identify and oversee current and emerging commercial and market needs

• Incubate new projects

• Organize the outreach of the SyC AAL, such as participation in workshops, conferences, etc.