International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 89

Fire hazard testing

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ahG 14 Convenor & Members


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Mrs Irina EkbladSE
Mr Mattia FerrarisIT
Mrs Josephine Maria FleischeuerNL
Mr Daniel FranckeDE
Mr Thomas Georg KapperDE
Ms Anna KlopocinskaUS
Mr Daniel W. O'SheaUS
Mr Luis PachecoPT
Ms Sabine RoemerUS
Mr Dennis SchwarzUS
Mr Robert ter BeekNL

Title & Task

ahG 14

Glow-wire testing; Optimization of the temperature measuring system


The motivation to establish an ahG within TC 89 is to follow-up on the various technical discussions and laboratory experiences many NCs expressed during the recent and ongoing maintenance works for the Glow-wire testing standards (IEC 60695-2-x). Aiming at the improvement of the Glow-wire temperature measuring system by further studies on the topic, the incorporation of the current state of the art technologies shall be evaluated.



1) Investigation of possible variation factors in the existing Glow-wire temperature measuring system; as described in the current IEC 60695-2-10/..11/..12/..13 publications; and


2) Identification of technical improvements, which shall provide to the testing laboratories

narrower tolerances for the measured temperatures.


3) The ahG shall deliver a study report, including recommendations for future revisions of the publication series IEC 60695-2-10/..11/..12/..13.

4) ahG14 works under the hat of and reports to WG12