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SC 31G

Intrinsically-safe apparatus

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PT 60079-47 Project Leader & Members

Project Leader

Mr Guenter Gabriel
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Mr Andreas BaguschDE
Mr Ryan P BrownleeUS
Mr Utz Helmut DetteCH
Mr Taro EndohJP
Mr Francesco Alessandro EspositoIT
Mr Jens GottronDE
Mr Arne HortmanNO
Mr Jürgen LehmkuhlDE
Mr Nicholas P. LudlamGB
Mr Owen MurphyUS
Mr Botond NagyHU
Mr Benjamin P SchaeferUS
Mr Ted H SchnaareUS
Mr Dorin Adrian StochitoiuCA
Mr Paul ThompsonGB
Mr Xitong WangCN
Mr Jason Alexander WiggAU
Ms Tonya Michelle WoodsUS
Mr gang zhangCN

Title & Task

PT 60079-47

Explosive atmospheres - Part 47: Equipment protection by 2-Wire Intrinsically Safe Ethernet concept (2-WISE)


Develop a technical specification which will define the construction and testing of apparatus, systems and installation practice for use with the 2-Wire Intrinsically Safe Ethernet concept (2-WISE) for use in conjunction with IEC 60079-11, IEC 60079-14, and IEC 60079-25.