International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 7

Overhead electrical conductors

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MT 1 Convenor & Members


Mr Elias Ghannoum
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Mr Thierry CapelleBE
Mr Hirotoshi EbikoJP
Mr Jinsu GilKR
Mr Jean-François GoffinetBE
Mr Norbert HadingerAT
Mr Hyeong Ju HanKR
Mr Peter JM HermansBE
Mr guofei HuangCN
Mr Takao KanekoJP
Mr Mikhail KladovRU
Mr Ilya NazarovRU
Mr Pablo Rodríguez HerreríasES
Mrs Cécile RozéFR
Mr Mikhail ShuvalovRU
Mr Bartien Sayogo SoebardjoID
Mr Andrey TaranovRU
Mr Toshinobu TsujiJP
Mr Jérémy UnterfingerDE
Mr xiaofeng xuCN

Title & Task

MT 1

Aluminium and aluminium alloy with and without steel or alternative reinforcement stranded conductors


To define the physical, electrical and mechanical properties of stranded conductors in these materials. The cross-sectional areas of these conductors should be included as a guide.