TC 27

Industrial electroheating and electromagnetic processing

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AG 1 Convenor & Members


Mr Sven Linow
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Mr Huashan GeCN
Mr Ketil HornæsNO
Mr Paul HouseUS
Mr Zhouhua JiangCN
Mr Yongfeng KangCN
Mrs Mariola NoweckaPL
Mr Thomas PaschDE
Mr Per Olov RismanSE
Mr John E. TurnerCA
Mr Yu ZengCN

Title & Task

AG 1

Chairman's Advisory Group (CAG)


To provide technical and policy guidance, recommendations and expert advice to the Chairman and Secretary of the committee in matters related to the development of IEC deliverables, such as

a) timely and efficient completion of the TC 27 work programme;
b) productive performance of the working groups (WG) and maintenance teams (MT) of TC 27;
c) coordination and integration of work done by specific WG/MTs, providing expertise to the WG/MTs;
d) advising on co-ordination and co-operation with IEC TCs and with other international or regional organizations;
e) recommending solutions to any dispute with regard to standardization activities in TC 27;
f) keeping the Strategic Business Plan (SBP) of TC 27 updated and proposing work items in line with the SBP and scope of the committee;
g) developing a Good Working Practice (GWP) for TC 27 and keeping it updated;
h) performing specific tasks allocated to the CAG by TC 27 plenary meetings.

The CAG consists of the following persons:
a) the Chairman of TC 27 – Convenor,
b) the Secretary and Assistant Secretary of TC 27,
c) TC 27 WG/MTs Convenors and/or Project Leaders.