SC 121A

Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear

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WG 19 Convenor & Members


Mr Fran├žois CAZALS
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Mr Ruslan AkhmedshinRU
Mr Michael AnheuserDE
Mr Jan-Peter AntinSE
Mr Paul BarnhartUS
Mr Gerd BrenningDE
Mr Johannes BrussDE
Mr Fran├žois CAZALSFR
Mr Samuel DahlFI
Mr Edouard FernandezFR
Mr Rainer HarjuFI
Mr Wolfgang HauerAT
Mr Klaus HeidelbergerDE
Mr Karl HierethDE
Mr Young-Woo JeongKR
Mr Heungsoo JungKR
Mr Sergey KolobkovRU
Mr James L LagreeUS
Mr DongJun LeeKR
Mr Albert LivshitzUS
Mr Paul NorrisGB
Mr Georg ReubergerAT
Mr Juha RintalaFI
Mr Michael SartorES
Mr Andreas SchumacherDE
Mr John J SheaUS
Mr Bartien Sayogo SoebardjoID
Mr Marcelo E ValdesUS

Title & Task

WG 19

Internal arc-fault detection and combined mitigation devices


To draft, publish and maintain new part of IEC 60947 serie for internal arc-fault detection and combined mitigation devices, including set of requirements, so that the necessary safety is ensured and their performance can be fairly assessed. To consider activities and outcomes of other SC121A products groups contributing to arc-fault combined mitigation, and guarantee the overall consistency of requirements within SC121A. As per 121A/158/RVN decision.