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TC 88

Wind energy generation systems

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PT 61400-30 Project Leader & Members

Project Leader

Ms Peggy Friis
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Mr Joe AttiahDE
Mr Iñigo Ayerra IbañezES
Mr Holger BerndtDE
Mr Tim BethkeDE
Ms Rain ByarsUS
Mr Meiyuan CaiCN
Mr Tarik DaqouneCA
Mr Avner FarkashIL
Mr Andrés Fernández ZunzarrenES
Mr Toby GillespieUS
Mr Jun HashimotoJP
Mr Per Holten-MøllerDK
Mr Akihiro HondaJP
Mr Hongqiang HouCN
Ms Meital KamilyanIL
Mr Peng LICN
Mr Carlos MartínES
Mr Dirk MaxionDE
Mr Martin MurnaneIE
Mr shingo OnoJP
Mr Stuart PadgetGB
Mr Søren "Safety" PedersenDK
Ms Lucia Quintana AlonsoDK
Mr Christoph RüsenbergDE
Mr Germán SacramentoES
Mr Erik SchmidtDE
Mr Eskild Lund SørensenDK
Mr Chris StreatfeildGB
Mr Ikuo TobinagaJP
Mr Harald WegmannDE
Mr Olav WeinreichDK

Title & Task

PT 61400-30

Wind turbines – Part 30: Safety of Wind Turbine Generator Systems (WTGs) - General principles for design


This Technical Specification (TS) specifies the Essential Health and Safety Requirements (ESHR) related to the design of horizontal Wind Turbine Generator (WTG), with rotor area ≥200 m2.

The WTG-design has to be in compliance with the requirements for safe operation, maintenance and repair without putting persons at risk.
The design of the WTGS shall consider intended use, erection, dismantling, inspection and maintenance.

Identification of ESHR, their risk assessment and risk reduction are done by using the principles from the standard ISO 12100 following its structure for a C-standard (machines safety standard dealing with safety requirement for a particular machine or group of machines).

The measures adopted to fulfil the EHSR shall apply with the following principles in the order given:
• eliminate or reduce risks
• take the necessary protective measures in relation to risks that cannot be eliminated
• inform users of the residual risks due to any shortcomings of the protective measures adopted, indicate whether any particular training is required and specify any need to provide personal protective equipment.

This TS should be used together with the appropriate IEC and ISO standards.