International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 47E

Discrete semiconductor devices

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WG 1 Convenor & Members


Mr Jungchul Lee
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Mr Ki Seok bangKR
Mr Werner BernsDE
Mr Jae-Seok ChoiKR
Mr Wolfgang FurtnerDE
Mr Kazuyoshi FurutaJP
Mr Alexander JausDE
Mr Yutaka KakishimaJP
Mr Jamshed Namdar KhanUS
Mr Myungjoong KimKR
Mr Deok-kee KimKR
Mr Namsu KimKR
Ms Olga KriukovaRU
Mr Sang-Geun LeeKR
Mr JongMuk LEEKR
Ms Dong-Eun LeeKR
Mr Jim LynchGB
Mr Takashi NaikiJP
Mr Kuniki OhwadaJP
Mr Jae Yeong ParkKR
Mr Joon-Shik ParkKR
Mr Jérémie PiroCH
Mr Josef-Paul SchafferDE
Mr Tee Hui TeoSG
Mr Hidetada TokiokaJP
Mr Akira UmedaJP
Mr Paul J. Van Der WelNL
Mr Yongjun YangCN
Mr wei zhangCN
Mr Sergey A. ZhgoonRU

Title & Task

WG 1

Semiconductor sensors


To prepare standards of terms and definitions, letter symbols,
essential ratings and characteristics, measuring methods and
sectional and blank detail specifications for solid-state
sensors which incorporate modulation of carrier flows within
the device induced by changes of surrounding conditions
including - but not restricted to - temperature, pressure,
composition of environmental atmosphere, irradiation of light
or particles, magnetic and electric fields.

The statements made in this standard are also applicable to sensors using materials other than semiconductor, for example dielectric and ferroelectric materials.

Excluded from the devices described in the scope are:
photodiodes and phototransistors, CCDs, thermocouples, optical
fibre sensors and pyroelectric sensors.