International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 40

Capacitors and resistors for electronic equipment

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WG 36 Convenor & Members


Mr Masahiro Tambo
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Mr James Theodore AdamsUS
Mr Kyung Soo CHAEKR
Mrs Fui Jin ChaiDE
Mr Roland EndreßDE
Mr Akio GouoJP
Mr Hidefumi HatanakaJP
Mr Taro HatanoJP
Mr Walter HuckDE
Mr Gerth JonssonSE
Mr Shigemitsu KOIKEJP
Mr Kuang Ming LeeDE
Mrs Xuekong LiuCN
Mr Keith MooreUS
Mr Tanehiro NakabayashiJP
Mr Hiroki NaraokaJP
Mr Shinichi NishiokaJP
Mr Hiroyuki OmuraJP
Ms Natalija SaenkoRU
Mr Mandar Pramod SinnarkarIN
Mr Markus StarkDE
Mr Masaki SuwaJP
Mr Chikara TakataJP
Mr norihiko tamakiJP
Mr Khai Yap Justin TanDE
Mr Hideki UchidaJP
Ms Natalia V. VasilyevaRU
Mr Joachim Von Der OheDE
Mr Kurt ZippUS

Title & Task

WG 36

Packaging of components for automatic handling


- To prepare a specification for the packaging on continuous tape of electronic components with unilateral or radial

This work will be based on the Japanese and Netherlands
proposals circulated as Documents 40(Japan)226 and
40(Netherlands)345 respectively and the comments received on
these documents.

- To advise Technical Committee No. 40 on other relevant matters
concerning this subject.

- To prepare a specification for the packaging of dual-in-line
components for e.g. automatic handling.

- To prepare a specification for the packaging of chip
components for e.g. automatic handling.

- To prepare a document for the packaging of single-in-line

Note: Since the above work is also of importance to technical
committees Nos. 47, 51 and 52, the Working Group shall ensure the necessary liaisons with these technical committees and copies of all Working Group documents shall be sent to the officers of these technical committees.

Working Group members shall be responsible for the coordination of work on this subject in TC 40, TC 47, TC 51 and TC 52 at national level. This co-ordination shall include not only component manufacturers and users, but also manufacturers of taping, insertion and sequencing machines.