International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 31M

Non-electrical equipment and protective systems for explosive atmospheres

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MT 80079-38 Convenor & Members


Mr Elmar Fuchs
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Mrs Hans Georg BlasgudeDE
Mr Francesco Alessandro EspositoIT
Mr Giancarlo FolliIT
Mr Alexey A. KoganRU
Mr Matthias KuhnDE
Mr Kazimierz LebeckiPL
Mr Xavier LefebvreFR
Mr Ulf LiebscherDE
Mr George LobayCA
Mr Milan MacuraCZ
Mr Jim MunroAU
Mr Philip nelthorpeAU
Mr Kazutoshi NodaJP
Mr Fabio PeraIT
Mr Kent RuuthSE
Mr Juan Carlos Sancho RojasES
Mr Jens TitschertDE
Mr Sven WagnerDE
Mr gang zhangCN

Title & Task

MT 80079-38

ISO/IEC 80079-38 Explosive Atmospheres - Part 38: Equipment and components in


To develop an International Standard that specifies the explosion protection requirements for the design, construction, assessment and information for use (maintenance, repair, marking) of equipment that may be an individual item or form an assembly. This includes machinery and components placed on the market by a single supplier for use in mines susceptible to explosive atmospheres of firedamp and/or combustible dust (at atmospheric conditions as defined as follows: atmospheric pressure 0,8 bar to 1,1 bar, temperature -20°C to + 60°C). This International Standard applies for equipment and components according to EPL Mb to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres containing firedamp and/or combustible dust. It is necessary to take account of external conditions to the equipment which may affect the hazard and the resultant protection measures. These measures may include ventilation, gas detection or gas drainage. This International Standard also deals with the prevention of ignitions of explosive atmospheres caused by burning (or smouldering) of combustible material such as fabric fibres, plastic ?O?-rings, rubber seals, lubricating oils or greases used in the construction of the equipment if such items could be an ignition source.