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TC 89

Fire hazard testing

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PT 60695-2-20 Project Leader & Members

Project Leader

Mrs Josephine Maria Fleischeuer
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Mr Daniel De SchryverBE
Mrs Sevim Sinem DedeleroğluTR
Mr George J. FechtmannUS
Mr Mattia FerrarisIT
Mr Tsukasa FukayaJP
Mr Tetsuya HayakawaJP
Mr Yuan HuCN
Mr Thomas Georg KapperDE
Mr Thomas KorssellSE
Mr Malcolm H. MullinsGB
Mr Daniel W. O'SheaUS
Mr Luis PachecoPT
Mr Marco PeterDE
Mr Eben Solomon RajanNL
Mr Frank RuffinoUS
Mr Robert ter BeekNL
Mr Stephen R. WillmoreGB
Mr John WrightGB
Mr Zheng WuCN
Mr Qingyun XiaCN

Title & Task

PT 60695-2-20

Hot wire ignition test


Motivation and Scope
In spite of the huge efforts made to date and the success gained during intensive international round robin testing, the recent work on project IEC/TS 60695-2-20 Ed.3.0 "HWI” showed that, further R&D work is necessary in order to achieve an even more significant improvement of the repeatability and reproducibility of the test method.
Just recently, the work on document IEC/TS 60695-2-20 was halted, and the project was returned to the PWI stage. It is now intended to establish a new Project Team – PT 60695-2-20 "Hot wire ignition test", with the task to further investigate and analyze on the fundamental physics of the HWI test method, and to provide justification to whether or not re-launch the standardization project.