SC 31G

Intrinsically-safe apparatus

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PT 60079-47 Project Leader & Members

Project Leader

Mr Guenter Gabriel
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Mr Andreas BaguschDE
Mr Ryan P BrownleeUS
Mr Utz Helmut DetteCH
Mr Taro EndohJP
Mr Francesco Alessandro EspositoIT
Mr Jens GottronDE
Mr Arne HortmanNO
Mr J├╝rgen LehmkuhlDE
Mr Nicholas P. LudlamGB
Mr Owen MurphyUS
Mr Botond NagyHU
Mr Benjamin P SchaeferUS
Mr Ted H SchnaareUS
Mr Dorin Adrian StochitoiuCA
Mr Paul ThompsonGB
Mr Xitong WangCN
Mr Jason Alexander WiggAU
Ms Tonya Michelle WoodsUS
Mr gang zhangCN

Title & Task

PT 60079-47

Explosive atmospheres - Part 47: Equipment protection by 2-Wire Intrinsically Safe Ethernet concept (2-WISE)


Develop a technical specification which will define the construction and testing of apparatus, systems and installation practice for use with the 2-Wire Intrinsically Safe Ethernet concept (2-WISE) for use in conjunction with IEC 60079-11, IEC 60079-14, and IEC 60079-25.