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TC 64

Electrical installations and protection against electric shock

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PT 60364-7-716 Project Leader & Members

Project Leader

Mr Leon Markwell
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Mr Thomas BlewittUS
Mr Fredrik Byström SjödinSE
Mr Geoffrey CronshawGB
Mr Steven G DevineGB
Mr Enric FajulaES
Mr Mike GilmoreGB
Mr Lars HanssonSE
Mr Olivier HarreFR
Mr Graham KenyonGB
Mr Cristiano MasiniIT
Mr Alfred MoerxAT
Mr Shawn PaulsenXF
Mr Jacques PeronnetFR
Mr Christophe PfeifferFR
Mr Keith WatersUS
Mr Walter WinkelbauerDE

Title & Task

PT 60364-7-716

DC power distribution over Information Technology Cable Infrastructure


To elaborate a new part of the IEC 60364 to specify requirements for the distribution of ELV d.c. power using balanced, information technology, cables and accessories primarily designed for data transmission, as specified in terms of a category within the reference implementations of ISO/IEC 11801-1.
This includes the use of existing telecommunications infrastructure for distribution of ELV d.c. power and systems specifically installed for distribution of ELV d.c. power using cables and accessories that are primarily designed for telecommunications or data transmission. The power delivery systems include, but are not restricted to, the Power over Ethernet systems specified by IEEE 802.3.

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Liaison Representative
Liaison C
IEEE 802.3Mr David John Law