TA 19

Environmental and energy aspects for multimedia systems and equipment

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PT 100-24 Project Leader & Members

Project Leader

Mr Paul Thomsen
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Mr Jongho ChongKR
Mr Stephen FernandesGB
Mr Gregg HardyUS
Mr Bob HarrisonGB
Mr Timo KunkelUS
Mr Myongyoung LeeKR
Mrs Catriona McAlisterECOS
Mr Ock-Woo NamKR
Mr Ernestas OldyrevasECOS
Mr Chan-keun ParkKR
Mr Stuart SavageGB
Mr Andreas F. W. SchneiderDE
Mr David SchnuelleUS
Mr Phil WarrenUS

Title & Task

PT 100-24

Dynamic metadata HDR impacts on TV power consumption


Study and prepare a Technical Report identifying current and emerging dynamic metadata EOTFs and related functions (e.g., HDR10+, SL-HDR2, ICtCp, etc.); and their impact on TV power consumption by creating representative video content and corresponding test methods. The deliverable from this work will be a Technical Report with study results and data for each EOTF identified; and where appropriate and feasible, test clips used to generate the Report's data, with recommendations for changes needed to IEC 62087 test methods.