SC 65B

Measurement and control devices

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PT 62829 Project Leader & Members

Project Leader

Mr Michael Maiwald
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Mr Wolfram BremserDE
Mr Feiyan GONGCN
Mr Karl MoltDE
Mr Peter PergandeGB
Mr Takayoshi SumiJP
Mr James F. TateraUS

Title & Task

PT 62829

Chemometrics for process analytical technologies


The task ist to generate a Technical Report on this rapidly developing subject, which covers, a study into the pre-requisites of chemometric (exploratory) data analysis, an overview on common data analysis procedures for uni-, bi- and multi-variate data analysis, explanations of the basic principles and major application areas of the different methods as mentiones above, recommendations on the selection of an appropriate data analysis strategy.
These recommendations not covered earlier by other guidance documents on the topic are complemented by some advice on the validation of commercial (at the site of installation) and tailored software for process analytical purposes. Recommendations are given on available reference data sets for benchmarking of software implementing the data analysis methods covered (as far as available). Application examples are given.