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SC 31G

Intrinsically-safe apparatus

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PT 60079-39 Project Leader & Members

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Mr Steen ChristensenDK
Mr Ivano Del FiolIT
Mr Francesco Alessandro EspositoIT
Mr Guenter GabrielDE
Mr Yasuaki HORIOJP
Mr Thierry HoueixFR
Mr Nicholas P. LudlamGB
Mr Ajay MairaAU
Mr P.T. van NijenNL
Mr Nigel PickettGB
Mr Claudio PonzinibioIT
Mrs Anna P. PorshinaRU
Mr Maurice PowneyGB
Mr Peter RiglingGB
Mr Benjamin P SchaeferUS
Mr Ted H SchnaareUS
Mr Dorin Adrian StochitoiuCA
Mr Risto SulonenFI
Mr L.C. TowleGB
Mr Ángel Vega RemesalES
Mr Alexander S. ZaloginRU
Mr gang zhangCN

Title & Task

PT 60079-39

IEC 60079-39


The application of the "Power-i" concept provides a significant increase of the available effective power taking into consideration the principles of type of protect ion Intrinsic Safety. The constructional requirements of intrinsically safe equipment and systems are specified by the standards IEC 60079-11 and -25 which, however, do not cover intrinsically safe systems with electronically controlled spark duration limitation. This type of dynamically acting intrinsically safe systems is called "Power -i" and enables - compared to previous intrinsically safe solutions - a considerable increase of the effective power. "Power-i" is a technology where the entire system, consisting of source, cable and field device(s), shall be included in the safety-related consideration. An evaluation on the basis of currently applicable standards is either not possible or only to a limited extent.

The intrinsically safe maximum values permitted for a "Power-i" system can be far above the currently applicable standard values of IEC-60079-11 or -25.

The "Power-i" concept is intended for "ib" and "ic" levels of protection and may - after stabilization of this technology - represent a possible future extension of IEC 60079-11.