TC 91

Electronics assembly technology

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AG 16 Convenor & Members


Mr Walter Huck
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Mr Dennis B BrophyUS
Ms Emma HudsonGB
Mr Osamu KaratsuJP
Mr Hisao KasugaJP
Mr Hyun Ho KimKR
Mr Satoshi KojimaJP
Mr Min-su LeeKR
Ms Kyounghee LeeKR
Mr Masahide OkamotoJP
Mr Kimmo B. SaarinenFI
Mr Arto Tapani SirviöFI
Mr Douglas J SoberUS
Mr Mitsuru TakahashiJP
Mr Genichi TanakaJP
Mr Rainer TaubeDE
Mr Martin WickhamGB
Mr Katsumi YamamotoJP

Title & Task

AG 16

Standardization Strategy


Purpose & Work program
− Strategic planning and Liaison Coordination
− Provide deliverables to the benefit of global electronic industries
Scope of AG
− To consider the inputs gained from technology roadmaps and from other (liaison) committees, consortia, etc.;
− To establish and maintain a standardization road map and publication plan related to that;
− To coordinate and align priorities, content and schedules with related liaison committees.
− Members:
> P-members representatives,
> Conveners of the WGs,
> Liaison coordinators and
> Invited experts
− Meetings:
> Twice per year F2F - during Plenary Session and TC91 WG/JIC meetings
> Web-Meetings, regular and on demand