TC 65

Industrial-process measurement, control and automation

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WG 23 Convenor & Members


Mr Roland Heidel
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Mr Jaewon BanKR
Mr Brian BatkeUS
Mr Steven CarterGB
Mr Jan B. de MeerDE
Mr Koji DemachiJP
Mr Jürgen F. DillerDE
Ms Lu DingCN
Mr Gabriel FaifmanCA
Ms Yifang FangCN
Mr Patrik FethDE
Mr Thomas FiskeUS
Mrs Sarah FluchsDE
Mr Giyeon GimKR
Mr John GøtzeDK
Mr Thomas HadlichDE
Mr Wilfried HartmannDE
Mr Markus Gerald HeintelDE
Mr Michael HoffmeisterDE
Mr Seung-ho HongKR
Mr Yun Chao HuDE
Mr Philippe JUHELFR
Mr Yuchul KimKR
Mr Daehyun KwonKR
Mr Jongwon KwonKR
Mr Holger LaibleDE
Mr Younkwan LeeKR
Mr Ulrich LöwenDE
Ms Yan LuUS
Mrs Olga MeyerDE
Mr Roberto MinicucciIT
Mr Hiroshi MORIJP
Mr Pengfei NiuCN
Mr Felix OckerDE
Mr Nobuyuki OguraJP
Mr Junghoon ParkKR
Mr Paolo PincetiIT
Mr Taolin RenCN
Mr Taolin RenCN
Mr Markus RentschlerDE
Mr Bertrand RICQUEFR
Mr Francesco RussoIT
Mr Trond SalaterNO
Mr Erwin SchoitschAT
Mr Swarandeep SinghNO
Mr Wonseok SongKR
Mr Wolfgang StadlerDE
Mr Guido StephanDE
Mr Daniel StockDE
Mr Andreas TeuscherDE
Mr Eelco van der WalNL
Mr Ingo WeberDE
Mr Wei WeiDE
Mr Maurice WilkinsGB
Mr Sang Keun YooKR
Mr Logan Chongjin YoonKR
Mr Patrick ZimmermannDE

Title & Task

WG 23

Smart Manufacturing Framework and Concepts for industrial-process measurement, control and automation


The task of WG 23 is to establish a framework for Smart Manufacturing (SM) concepts and standards within the scope of TC 65 and in particular:

- Identification of SM concepts relevant for TC65, and analysis of their relations with TC 65 standards;

    - new technologies (e.g. AI, edge, cloud, IIoT)

    - data exchange and management

    - new communication technologies

Recommendations for proper coverage of SM needs by standards portfolio within TC65 scope, including potential harmonization of TC65 standards.

This work includes the development of deliverables on topics such as

   - SM terms and definitions;

   - SM use cases;

   - SM recommendations for cybersecurity;

   - SM recommendations for safety.

   - SM related usage of new technologies

   - SM related analysis of market and innovation trends

Identification of needs for harmonization and/or interfacing with standards in related domains act as TC65s main interface to SyC SM cooperation within TC65 and outside TC65 with other SM related entities including ISO TC184, SyC SM, JTC1 SC41, JTC1 SC42, etc.

Note that the work on SM Reference Model(s) is outside the scope of WG23 as it is carried out by JWG21

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Liaison Representative
Liaison C
ISA 99Mr Michael Medoff