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AG 11 Convenor & Members

Title & Task

AG 11

Digital Twin


1.Provide a description of key concepts and relevant terminology related to Digital Twin;

2.Identify current technologies and reference models that are being deployed in Digital Twin;

3.Promote the awareness of JTC 1 activities on Digital Twin outside JTC 1;

4.Assess the current state of standardization activities relevant to Digital Twin within JTC 1, in other relevant ISO and IEC Committees, in other SDOs and in consortia;

5 .Identify and propose the relevant standardization issues of Digital Twin that needs to be addressed by JTC 1, covering at least foundational areas, ICT standardization needs, etc.

6.Engage with standards setting organizations that are involved in Digital Twin standardization as approved by the AG on Digital Twin.

7.Prepare a report and recommendations to JTC 1, which may include proposed New Work Items.