SC 34D


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JWG 2 Convenor & Members


Mr Koomaressen Govinden
Mr Andy D. Hughes
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Mr Eddy BauwensBE
Mr Sébastien BAZILLEFR
Mr Guy BenjaminCA
Mr Ronnie BergdahlSE
Mr Michel CramanFR
Mr Edwin de GraafNL
Mr Cristiano de MenezesGB
Mr Michael DuceAU
Mr Werner Josef EberleAT
Mr Reiner HitzemannDE
Mr Angga HudayaID
Mr Hans-Gerd KaiserDE
Mr Lukas KasteleinNL
Mr Dohyeong KimKR
Mr Naokage KishimotoJP
Mr Jeongbae KoKR
Mr Patrik Yves KochAT
Mr Jose LensES
Mr Fabio PedrazziIT
Mr Fausto PozziIT
Mr Jürgen PrasuhnDE
Mr Franco RusnatiIT
Mr Wolfgang ScharpenbergDE
Mr Yuuji TakahashiJP
Mr Norbert WittigDE

Title & Task


Emergency Lighting


The Joint Working Group (JWG) Emergency Lighting works on tasks assigned to it by SC34C and SC34D with respect to emergency lighting aspects of the standards for which these SC’s are responsible for. The JWG is established to draft proposals for new standards and maintain the published standards for luminaires and controlgear as detailed below. Reporting back to SC34C and SC34D, as relevant for these publications, the JWG is tasked to maintain consistency between all of these publications and investigate opportunities for future rationalisation of the publications. Liaison to SC34C WG COMEX and SC34D WG LUMEX is to be provided. Liaison to the TC34 groups responsible for data communication protocols (TC34 WG 11) and lighting systems (TC34 AG 4) is also within the scope of this JWG as far as emergency lighting subjects are concerned. The scope of the JWG also includes the development and maintenance of technical reports, PAS publications, technical specifications, etc. as allocated by SC 34C and/or SC 34D. Administrative leadership for the JWG is the responsibility of SC 34D.

Note: Liaison SC 21A/WG 3 (see 34D/1474A/INF); Liaison TC 40/WG 40 (see 34D/1475/INF)


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Liaison Representative
Internal IEC Liaison
SC 21AMr Jody Leber
TC 40Mr Toshiatsu SUZUKI