SC 65E

Devices and integration in enterprise systems

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WG 4 Convenor & Members


Mr Christian Diedrich
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Mr Weihua BaoCN
Mr Dongqin FengCN
Mr Thomas HadlichDE
Mr Hubert KirrmannCH
Mr Achim LaubensteinDE
Ms Dan LiuCN
Mr Engr. Dr. Muhammad Aamir QureshiPK
Mr Tetsuo TakeuchiJP
Mr Peter ThiessmeierDE
Mr Ian VerhappenCA
Mr Graeme G. WoodGB
Ahmad ZahediUS
Mr Weiqun ZhangCN

Title & Task

WG 4

Field device tool interface specification


This specification shall define the interfaces for both the vertical and the horizontal data flow, called Function Control and Data Access, in the framework of a Client-Server architecture.

It shall allow application software and configuration tools to interact with field devices in a unified way, while hiding the manufacturer-specific interaction with devices or sub-systems in a software module.

The architecture and interface specification shall define the following functions and features:

A channel oriented interface for analogue and discrete input and output process variables

An interface for device or sub-system parameters and diagnosis data

An interface for persistent data storage of all instance data

An alarm interface

A communication interface which allows nested communication

A session model which defines the interaction between the software components and the host application using XML(World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Extensible Markup Language (XSL)) based data exchange
The specification does not define the development technology of the software components. One possible technology could be based on EDDs according IEC 61804-3.
This specification shall allow any field bus, device or sub-system specific software tool to be integrated as part of a universal life-cycle management tool of a plant automation system.

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Liaison Representative
Liaison C
FDT Group AISBLMr Thomas Hadlich
ISA-SP103Mr Ian Verhappen
ISA SP104Mr Ludwig Winkel