TC 4

Hydraulic turbines

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WG 33 Convenor & Members


Mr Daqing Qin
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Mr Robert ArseneaultCA
Mr Fidel ArzolaGB
Mr Paolo CarettiIT
Mr Jiang DaiCN
Mr Jan Roland Borje DeborgSE
Mr Benoit Des RochesCA
Mr Guillaume DuboisCA
Mr Jason M. FoustUS
Mr Alberto FumagalliIT
Mr Pierre-Yves LowysFR
Mr Marco MaiwaldDE
Mr Pierre MaruzewskiFR
Mr Xiaochao MENGCN
Mr Wolfgang MichlerCH
Mr Henri-Pascal MombelliCH
Mr Christophe NicoletCH
Mr Torbjørn K. NielsenNO
Mr Erwin OberbichlerAT
Mr Anders Bertil SkagerstrandSE
Mr Aleksandr UstimenkoRU
Mr Anders WedmarkNO

Title & Task

WG 33

Preparation of IEC 62882/Ed1


Gathering / analysing of data on existing model and prototype units shall be performed to come up with analysis identifying a proposed transposition methodology of pressure fluctuations, providing guidelines with an intermediate step before having it considered to be integrated it in an existing full IEC Standard. This shall not delay the on-going revision of IEC 60193 concerning the model tests (revision done by MT 32).

Note: Because the subject of pressure fluctuations needs to analyse test results at the limit of research works, it will be necessary to fix a mid-term objective rather than a short-term one for the WG. Considering the received Collected Comments, the Working Group will perform a Technical Specification (versus the full Standard) with the task as proposed in the attached document which is being circulation for vote. More details made available at the initial meeting planned for October, 2013.