SC 48B

Electrical connectors

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PT 60512-11-7 Project Leader & Members

Project Leader

Mr Vincent C Pascucci
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Mr Paolo BorgeseIT
Mr John E Gogol Jr.US
Mr Stephan MiddelkampDE
Mr Toshio OkamuraJP
Mr Frank RuffinoUS
Mr Koen SchepersNL
Mr Andreas StarkeDE
Mr Jeffrey R. ToranUS

Title & Task

PT 60512-11-7

Mixed Flowing Gas Corrosion Test Methods (WG5)


To review and propose revisions to SC48B standards:
• IEC 60512-11-7
• IEC 60068-2-42
• IEC 60068-2-43
• IEC 60068-2-46
• IEC 60068-2-49
The PT will as well review IEC 60068-2-60 Ed3 as this is an important standard for MFG corrosion equipment. The PT will communicate with and may propose to TC 104 revisions for this standard or may propose to prepare an equivalent IEC 60512 version specifically with connector related requirements and practical guidance.