International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 5

Steam turbines

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JWG 16 Convenor & Members


Mr Yousef Asadi-Khiavi
Mr Jiandao Yang
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Mr Yasuhiro AraiJP
Mr Noboru HashimotoJP
Mr Jean-Pierre RickliCH
Mr Eckhard SchwendemannDE
Mr Kazuo ShibataJP
Mr Dongping YECN
Mr Xiaobing YuCN

Title & Task

JWG 16

Cogeneration Combined Heat and Power (CHP)


The task attributed to this team can be defined in 3 phases:

The group, constituted by Call for Experts 5/168/AC in September 2012 will have first to check the representative implication of all TC’s concerned by co-generation, as well within IEC as within ISO.

Then the scope of works must be (re)defined and finalized, duly considering the Report of the ahG30 (SMB/4612/R; 2011-09-27) and the Work Programme (2012-06-15, attached to the 5/168/AC).

According to the expressed and recognized world needs of standards in the field of co-generation, the JWG16 will have to initiate the effective works by the group(s) in view of issuing in due time the necessary publication(s).