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SEG 8 Convenor & Members

Title & Task


Communication Technologies and Architectures of Electrotechnical Systems


(1) Develop a sustainable process for including communication system aspects (such as interfaces, data models and behaviours) into existing and new IEC deliverables. (2) Monitor new or emerging communication technologies and architectures that are specified or standardized outside the IEC (e.g. 5G, Low Power Wide Area Networking, Deterministic Networking, Edge Computing/Intelligence, Management & Orchestration). (3) Monitor new market trends (e.g. IT/OT convergence) and analyse new business and development models (e.g. Open Source, DevOps) related to communication technologies and assess their impact on IEC activities. (4) Take into account additional essential aspects of communication technologies such as security, reliability, safety, privacy, energy efficiency, and others. (5) Evaluate the impact of these technologies, architectures and trends on current and foreseen IEC work, in particular on systems related activities, and engage with the concerned IEC committees by raising awareness and making technical recommendations. (6) Identify key standardization stakeholders external to the IEC and propose to SMB appropriate engagement models, where required, to ensure IEC requirements are being addressed. (7) Initialize and propose a durable IEC focal point for spectrum management related issues and coordinate with ITU-R and regional spectrum policy organizations. (8) Evaluate gaps in standardization of communication technologies based on requirements provided by selected IEC use cases, and take appropriate actions within the IEC or through collaboration with external bodies. (9) Review the current status of relevant TC/SC work in the IEC to identify any duplication of work or potential inconsistencies. (10) Define a structure for the coordination of cross TC/SC work in the IEC and with external bodies, where required. (11) Recommend to the SMB the appropriate long term structure to sustain the effective adoption and/or standardization of communication technologies across the IEC.