TC 114

Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters

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AG 1 Convenor & Members


Mr Jonathan Colby
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Mr Gabriel M. AlsenasUS
Ms Sara ArmstrongIE
Mr Philip P BeauchampUS
Mr Martin Giles BrownGB
Ms Claire CohenGB
Mr Matt FolleyGB
Mr Eric GreeneUS
Mr John GriffithsGB
Mr Kevin A HaasUS
Mr Brian HolmesIE
Mr Aaron MacNeillCA
Ms Sue MolloyCA
Mr Ryan S NicollCA
Mr Danny PeacockGB
Mr Brian PolagyeUS
Mr Anton SchaapNL
Mr Johannes SpinnekenUS
Mr Martin WosnikUS

Title & Task

AG 1

CAG - Chair's Advisory Group


IEC TC 114 was established in order to prepare international standards for marine energy conversion systems. The primary focus being on the conversion of wave, tidal and other water current energy into electrical energy, although other conversion methods, systems and products remain included. Tidal barrage and dam installations, as covered by TC 4, are explicitly excluded.

The activities covered by TC 114 include:

• system definition;

• performance measurement of wave, tidal and water current energy converters;

• resource characterization and assessment;

• design and safety requirements;

• power quality;

• manufacturing and factory testing; and

• evaluation and mitigation of environmental impacts.


1.2.1 The advisory group provides a forum for the discussion of problems of mutual interest between project team leaders, working group leaders and the IEC officers. 

1.2.2 The advisory group may provide assistance to the Chair to advise on coordination with other TCs, identify possible conflicts or overlaps with other TCs and international organizations and provide recommendations for future cooperation. 

1.2.3 The advisory group may be required to perform specific tasks of an advisory nature allocated to this group by the plenary committee meeting.

1.2.4 The advisory group need to consider relevant conformity assessment activities developed under the Conformity Assessment Board. 

1.2.5 The advisory group may regularly advise on industry needs and make recommendations on the work programme of TC 114.


2.1 Chairship

The Chair of the advisory group will be the Chair of IEC TC 114, supported by the TC Secretary.

2.2 Members

The members of the advisory group will consist of project team and working group leaders.

2.2.1 When members are not able to attend a meeting, they may assign an interim replacement with prior notice to the Chair.

2.3 Experts

Other experts from technical committees or organizations may be invited by the Chair on an ad-hoc basis to participate in meetings

Terms of reference of the IEC TC 114 Chair’s Advisory Group are available in 114/73/INF