TC 107

Process management for avionics

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MT 3 Convenor & Members


Mrs Josephine Vann

Title & Task

MT 3

Process management for avionics - Electronic components for aerospace, defence and high performance (ADHP) applications - Part 1: General requirements for high reliability integrated circuits and discrete semiconductors


Revision task is to:
a) Update document related to obsolescence of STACK Specification S/0001 revision 14 notice 3;
b) Addition of alternative automotive methods of compliance and revision of Annex B initially related to cross-reference to STACK Specification S/0001;
c) Addition of an Annex C to include a requirement matrix for IEC TS 62686-1 verification.

IEC TS 62686-1 TS Ed.2 is to become IEC TS 62686-1 Ed.3.

NOTE: The revision initiated with the present Review Report was agreed on at the TC 107 plenary meetings in Beijing 2017 ( Decision 2017/05, see 107/309/RM & 107/307/DL) and London 2018 (Decision 2018/07, see 107/339/RM & 107/336/DL). ยป