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TC 88

Wind energy generation systems

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PT 61400-12-2 Project Leader & Members

Project Leader

Mr Frank Ormel
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Mr Ioannis AntoniouDK
Mr Claudio Andrea CasaleIT
Mr Jochen Rainer CleveDK
Mr Alan DerrickGB
Mr Nicolas GirardFR
Mr Jun HashimotoJP
Mr Gibson KerstingUS
Mr Ignacio Laínez AracamaES
Mrs Rebeca Rivera LamataDK
Mr Ryan LeclairUS
Mr Xigang LianCN
Mr Jakob MatthiesenDK
Mr Manuel Mejías GonzálezES
Mr Julio J. MeleroES
Mr Harald MellinghoffDE
Mr Shingo OnoJP
Mr José M PalmaPT
Mr Troels Friis PedersenDK
Mr Shiyao QINCN
Mr Ignasi Simón TorrensES
Mr Sannosuke TanigakiJP
Mr Enrique TelmoES
Mrs Yuko UedaJP
Mr Ove UndheimNO
Mr John Van den BoscheUS
Mr Mike WöbbekingDE
Mr Rafael Zubiaur RuizES

Title & Task

PT 61400-12-2

Power performance measurements verification of electricity producing wind turbines


IEC 61400-12-2 specifies a procedure for verifying the power performance characteristics of a single electricity-producing, horizontal axis wind turbine. This standard is intended to be used when the specific operational or contractual specifications may not comply with the requirements set forth in IEC 61400-12-1:2005. The procedure can be used for power performance evaluation of specific turbines at specific locations, but equally the methodology can be used to make generic comparisons between different turbine models or different turbine settings.

This IEC 61400-12-2 standard describes how to characterize a wind turbine’s power performance in terms of a measured power curve and the estimated AEP. The procedure also provides guidance on determination of measurement uncertainty including assessment of uncertainty sources and recommendations for combining them into uncertainties in reported power and AEP.