TC 15

Solid electrical insulating materials

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WG 7 Convenor & Members


Mr Gunther Baumgarten
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Mr Kirk AndersonUS
Mr Christian BeiseleCH
Mrs Heike BrandtDE
Mr David GreenmanGB
Mr Hansgeorg HauptDE
Mr Thomas HillmerCH
Mr Akihiro KawaguchiJP
Mr Phil KinnerGB
Mr Bernhard KlaussnerDE
Mr David LambGB
Mr St├ęphane SchaalCH
Mr Marcus SchulzCH
Mr Lothar StuberDE
Mrs Kristianne TempelmanNL
Mr Mark WinkelerUS
Mr Yu XiaCN
Mr Minmin ZhengCN
Mr Cheng ZhouCN
Mr Shudong ZHOUCN

Title & Task

WG 7

Resins and varnishes


To prepare and update international standards regarding
specifications for:

a) Solventless polymerisable resinous compounds used for electrical insulation (IEC 60455)

b) Insulating varnishes containing solvent (IEC 60464)

c) Test methods for the determination of bond strength of
impregnating agents to an enamelled wire substrate (IEC 61033)

d) Coatings for loaded printed boards (conformal coatings) (IEC