TC 4

Hydraulic turbines

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WG 30 Convenor & Members


Mr Yuji Hamaoka
Mr Francois Sergerie
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Peter AltzarSE
Mr Robert ArseneaultCA
Mr Francois BouletCA
Mr Stéphane HerbivoFR
Mr Gongmei LiuCN
Mr Michael MarkovichCA
Mr Kiyoshi MatsumotoJP
Mr Alexander MosbacherAT
Mr Eldar NezametdinovRU
Mr Franco PodioIT
Mr Stephane RoyCA
Mr Gerhard SalcherDE
Mr Ronald L StringfellowUS
Mr Masaru TakagiJP
Mr Robert WäckerleDE

Title & Task

WG 30

Guide for Installation procedures of hydropower machines


To deliver a new document giving guidelines for vertical large Francis turbine or pump-turbine (discharge diameter of runner >4m) and semi-umbrella type generators (IM82xx series and IM83xx series according to IEC60034-7 Rev. 4):
• providing tolerances as standard guideline to equipment installation;
• and additionally to provide sufficient technical clarification information , to aid even less experienced engineers understand the WHY of the proposed approaches.

These objectives to be achieved by:
• developing generic installation method since there are many installation methods;
• describing the installation method by flow charts;
• adding explanations on work at each step, indicating important points in conducting the work and recommendations;
• including figures and recommendations.