TC 112

Evaluation and qualification of electrical insulating materials and systems

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AG 11 Convenor & Members


Mr Bernd Komanschek
Mr J.J. Smit
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Mr Sebastian AumannAT
Mr Gunther BaumgartenDE
Mr Martin Alfred BaurAT
Mr Hartmut BerndtDE
Mr Ernst Friedrich Karl GockenbachDE
Mr Hansgeorg HauptDE
Mr Hisaaki KudohJP
Mr Andreas LevermannDE
Mr Richard P MarekUS
Ms Maria Augusta MartinsPT
Mr Daniel W. O'SheaUS
Mr Wolfgang ReicheltDE
Mr David RouisonCA
Mr Heribert SchornDE
Mr Howard G. SeddingCA
Mr Greg StoneCA
Mr Roger C WicksUS
Mr Dan WindmarSE
Mr Yang XuCN
Mr Claus-Dieter ZiebellDE

Title & Task

AG 11

Evaluation and qualification of electrical insulating materials and systems - Advisory Group (AG)


The Advisory Group (AG) was established, following the ad-hoc group's recommendation and the committee's decision, at the TC 112 plenary meeting in Charlottenlund on 2005-11-17/18.

Scope for the AG
- to highlight areas where TC 112 and the product committees could work together for the mutual commercial benefit of the industry;
- to identify and make recommendations on the selection and establishment of projects and strategic goals, in accordance with market needs;
- to promote two way communications between representatives of TC 112, product TCs and other international organizations to facilitate cooperation and avoid duplication of work;
- to advise TC 112 on the existing and future needs of EIM and EIS content of product standards.
- to monitor changing technology with the goal of keeping TC 112 Standards up to date;
- to make constructive recommendations to TC 112 rather then duplicating the deliberations of the plenary meeting.

Members of the Advisory Group consist of:
- Chairman and Secretary
- Convenors of working groups
- Representatives of liaison TCs/SCs of IEC and other international organizations (e.g. IEEE, CIGRE, ASTM)
- Invited experts

Frequency of meetings: One meeting to be held prior to the plenary meeting; between the plenary meetings, contacts with the members will be by email correspondence or by virtual meetings.

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Liaison Representative
Internal IEC Liaison
SC 61CMr Rolf Winterhalder