International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 106

Methods for the assessment of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields associated with human exposure

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WG 8 Convenor & Members


Mr Kenichi Yamazaki
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Mr S.K. DubeyIN
Ms Laura FilosaIT
Mr Fang HanUS
Mr Hai JiangUS
Mr Frank KiernanIE
Mr Byeongyoon LeeKR
Mr Harshit ModiIN
Mr Ashutosh PandeyIN
Ms Kanako WakeJP

Title & Task

WG 8

Addressing methods for assessment of contact current related to human exposures to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields


The task of the group will include the following:

a) Identification of a suitable scope for exposure condition against contact currents covered by TC106 documents – Clear distinction from electrical safety or spark discharges may be required, not including electrical shock;
b) Determinations of measuring methods for contact currents – Different methods should be provided for stimulation-based frequency ranges (< 10 MHz, for example) and heat-based frequency ranges (>100 kHz, for example). The initial task will focus on the stimulation-based low frequency range;
c) Determinations of an electrical circuit that represents the characteristics of human response – IEC 60990 (Methods of measurement of touch current and protective conductor current) will be an important input;
d) Preparation of a suitable document addressing this matter – Technical report or other deliverables will be prepared (Target date for preparation of the initial document: August 2016);
e) Consider potential liaisons with other PT/ MTs within IEC TC 106.