TC 114

Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters

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ahG 15 Convenor & Members


Mr Anton Schaap
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Mr Kimon ArgyriadisDE
Mr Fred DriscollUS
Mr Nicholas FyffeCA
Mr Budi GunawanUS
Mr Alan HenryIE
Mr Patrick SaatNL
Mr Chris ShearerAU
Mr Jeffrey SteynorGB
Mr Charles TaylorGB
Mr Changjo YangKR

Title & Task

ahG 15

Measurement of mechanical loads


Scope of the ahG

  • Collect and review feedback on the application of TS 62600-3 Ed. 1 since publication

  • Coordinate with MT 62600-1 on terminology

  • Review developments in this field at (offshore) wind via TC 88

Task of the ahG

  • Develop technology reports outlining concepts for new technical content. Especially in the field of wave energy the TS-3 could be more specific

  • Collect and consider proposals for changes to the TS-3 for the next edition

  • Collect feedback on the application of the TS-3

  • Respond to feedback on the TS-3

  • Prepare for the work of a TS-3 Maintenance Team following this ahG