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TC 88

Wind energy generation systems

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PT 61400-40 Project Leader & Members

Project Leader

Mr Steve Hayes
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Mr Daniel BaguscheDE
Mr Jun HashimotoJP
Mr Stefan HawlitschkaDE
Mr Kevin HerrlingDE
Mr Chengyan HuangCN
Mr Yoshiaki KenmochiJP
Mr Thilo A. KootzDE
Mr Jong-Hwa KwonKR
Mr Claus Grøn LyngbyDK
Mr Julio J. MeleroES
Mr John Johannes Mathias Hubertus NieuwenhuizenDK
Mr shingo OnoJP
Mr Frank OrmelDK
Mr Jan J. RobijnsNL
Mr Alexander SalogaDE
Mr Jean SaoundeDK
Mr Xabier UbietoES
Mr Birger VastrupDK

Title & Task

PT 61400-40

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) - Requirements and test methods


Develops IEC 61400-40 which defines the requirements and test methods for the verification of the electricity producing wind turbines plants performance against emissions and their immunity against conducted and radiated interferences.

This standard applies to all type of electricity producing wind turbine plants.

The requirements and test methods will be defined according the behaviour and the installation of this type of generating systems and all the sub systems included.

This standard is applicable to both electricity producing wind turbines plants to be installed in offshore and onshore locations